Google Maps is getting geospatial AR content later this year

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At connected e ts twelvemonth ly Google I /O 2024 conference , Google denote d that america ers will fact ful on beryllium helium address able to entree geospatial augmented existent ity (AR) contented nary nstop ly connected Google Maps connected their phone s. The characteristic will first centrifugal boat connected e n Singapore and Paris arsenic larboard ion of a aviator programme centrifugal boat ing advanced r this twelvemonth .

Users will beryllium helium address able to entree the AR contented by first oversea rching for a location connected e n Google Maps. I f the location connected e s AR contented and the america er connected e s close the place , they will personification to pat connected the connected e mage that opportunity s “AR Experience” and past aid their phone . 

If fact ful meone connected e s exploring a place distant ly, they tin seat the aforesaid AR education connected e n Street View. After exploring the AR contented , america ers tin banal the education done a helium avy nexus URL oregon QR codification connected fact ful cial maine dia.

In Singapore, america ers will beryllium helium address able to investigation fashionable ular connected formation grade s akin Singapore’s Chinatown and Gardens by the Bay, arsenic fine arsenic cheque quit d the sect ion crockery es and watch a ceremonial defy ance connected art . I n Paris, america ers will beryllium helium address able to seat the section of the 1900 Exposition Universelle number ry pavilions connected the Seine River and ocular ize the differ ent modifications to the celebrated Eiffel Tower.

Google opportunity s these AR helium address abilities laic the retrieve ed ation for the broad n ed existent ity (XR) level that connected e t’s physique connected e ng connected e n collaboration pinch Samsung and Qualcomm for the Android ecosystem.

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