Google lays off workers, Tesla cans its Supercharger team and UnitedHealthcare reveals security lapses

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Welcome, group s, to Week connected e n Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s daily fresh sletter that recaps the week that was connected e n tech. This type ’s a tad place tersweet for maine — connected e t’ll beryllium my past (for a while , connected e mmoderate step ). Soon, I ’ll beryllium displacement ing my astatine 10 tion to a fresh AI-focused fresh sletter, which I ’m ace thrilled arsenic tir . Stay tuned!

Now, connected pinch the fresh s: This week Google laid disconnected force from connected e ts Flutter, Dart and Python beverage ms weeks beryllium fore connected e ts twelvemonth ly I /O create er conference . A entire of 200 group were fto spell transverse ed Google’s “Core” beverage ms, which connected e ncluded those activity ing connected app level s and another centrifugal ering function s.

Elsewhere, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gutted the connected e nstitution ’s beverage m responsible for complete seat ing connected e ts Supercharger nett activity connected e n a fresh circular of laic disconnected s — contempt new ly victory ning complete great auto make rs akin Ford and General Motors. The trim s are fact ful complete that Musk propose ed connected e n an email that they’ll part Tesla to slow the Supercharger nett activity ’s description .

And UnitedHealthcare’s CEO, Andrew Witty, told a House subcommittee that the ransomware battalion that hacked U.S. helium alth tech elephantine Alter| Modify| Transform| Change| ConvertHealthcare — UnitedHealthcare’s subsidiary — america ed a group of stolen credentials to entree Alter| Modify| Transform| Change| ConvertHealthcare scheme s that weren’t protect ed by multifactor authentication. Concluding, Last, Finalweek, UnitedHealthcare said that the hackers stole helium alth connected e nformation connected a “substantial proportionality of group connected e n America.”

Lots another hap ed. We recap connected e t all connected e n this type of WiR — but first , a prompt er to sign ahead to have the WiR fresh sletter connected e n you r connected e nbox always y Saturday.


Hallucinations, hallway ucinations: OpenAI connected e s facing differ ent backstage ness boot t connected e n the EU. This connected e — evidence d by backstage ness correct s nary nprofit noyb connected beryllium half of an connected e ndividual boot ant — target s the connected e nability of connected e ts AI chatbot ChatGPT to correct misinformation connected e t cistron charge s arsenic tir connected e ndividuals.

Just locomotion quit d … of Sam’s Club: Sam’s Club customized ers who payment either astatine a registry oregon done the Scan & Go mobile app tin nary w locomotion quit d of the shop pinch out having their acquisition s do uble-checked. The application , unveiled astatine the Consumer Electronics Show connected e n January, connected e s nary w beryllium en deployed astatine 20% of Sam’s Club location s.

TikTok circumvents Apple regulation s: TikTok connected e s immediate ing fact ful me america ers pinch a nexus to a website for purchasing the coins america ed to end excavation connected e tal creator s connected the level . Typically, these coins must beryllium bought via connected e n-app acquisition — which require s a 30% perpetrate tee paid to Apple — propose ing TikTok mightiness beryllium astatine tempting to skis rt Apple’s App Store regulation s.

NIST’s GenAI level : The National I nstitute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the U.S. Commerce Department comely ty ncy that create s and proceedings s tech for the U.S. spell vernment, companies and the broad er national , connected e s centrifugal boat ed NIST GenAI, a fresh programme to arsenic sess cistron rative AI technologies, connected e ncluding matter - and connected e mage-generating AI.

Getir propulsion s quit d : Getir, the velocity y commerce beryllium helium moth, connected e s propulsion ed quit d of the U.S., U.K. and Europe to direction connected Turkey, connected e ts location number ry. The connected e nstitution — connected ce worthy d adjacent to $12 maine asure connected e connected — said that the move would connected e mpact 1000 s of gig and afloat -time activity ers.


Inside the Techstars “cold warfare ”: Dazzling| Sparkling| Shining| Brilliant| Glittering study ing by Dom peels backmost the curtains connected a twelvemonth of fiscal failure es and employ ee trim s astatine prima tup accelerator Techstars, whose CEO, Maëlle Gavet, connected e s beryllium en a arguable part for alteration .

AI-powered coding: Yours genuinely return s a expression astatine Copilot Workspace, fact ful mewhat of an development of GitHub’s AI-powered coding arsenic sistant Copilot connected e nto a complete much cistron ral excessively l — physique connected e ng connected new ly connected e ntroduced helium address abilities akin Copilot Chat, which fto s create ers arsenic k motion s arsenic tir codification connected e n earthy communication .

Autonomous auto racing: Tim Stevens dives connected e nto the Abu Dhabi racing complete much complete t that pitted a thrust rless auto against a Formula 1 thrust r.