Google lays off staff from Flutter, Dart and Python weeks before its developer conference

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Ahead of Google’s yearly I/O developer convention successful May, nan tech elephantine has laid disconnected unit crossed cardinal teams for illustration Flutter, Dart, Python, and others, according to reports from impacted labor shared connected societal media. Google confirmed nan layoffs to TechCrunch, but not nan circumstantial teams, roles, aliases headcount impacted.

“As we’ve said, we’re responsibly investing successful our company’s biggest priorities and nan important opportunities ahead,” a Google spokesperson told us. “To champion position america for these opportunities, passim nan 2nd half of 2023 and into 2024, a number of our teams made changes to go much businesslike and activity better, region layers, and align their resources to their biggest merchandise priorities. Through this, we’re simplifying our structures to springiness labor much opportunity to activity connected our astir innovative and important advances and our biggest institution priorities, while reducing bureaucracy and layers,” they added.

The institution clarified that nan layoffs were not company-wide but were re-orgs that are a portion of nan normal people of business. Impacted labor will beryllium capable to use for different unfastened roles astatine Google, we’re told.

In one X post, a PM from Flutter and Dart said nan layoffs had impacted “a LOT of teams,” and that “lots of awesome projects mislaid people.”

“We’re sad, but still cranking difficult connected I/O and beyond,” wrote Google PM Kevin Moore successful nan Flutter improvement organization connected Reddit, wherever he added that Flutter and Dart weren’t affected immoderate much aliases little than different teams. “We cognize ya’ll attraction SO MUCH astir nan task and nan squad and nan awesome ecosystem we’ve built together. You’re nervous. I get it. We get it. You’re betting connected Flutter and Dart. So americium I. So is Google,” he said.

Google besides told TechCrunch that Flutter will person caller updates to stock astatine I/O this year.

In a abstracted station connected Reddit, different commenter noted nan Python squad impacted by nan layoffs were those who managed nan soul Python runtimes and toolchains and worked pinch OSS Python. Included successful this group were “multiple existent and erstwhile halfway devs and steering assembly members,” they said.

Meanwhile, others shared connected Y Combinator’s Hacker News, wherever a Python squad personnel detailed their circumstantial duties connected nan method beforehand and noted that, for years, overmuch of nan activity was done pinch less than 10 people. Another Hacker News commenter said their early years connected nan Python squad were spent paying down soul method indebtedness accumulated from not having a beardown Python strategy.

“…despite nan understaffing, we had managers who were highly bully astir maintaining work/life equilibrium and nan ‘marathon, not sprint’ attack to work. As I said successful different comment, it’s nan champion occupation I’ve ever had, and I’ll miss it deeply,” they wrote.

“Python was 1 of nan very first languages utilized wide astatine Google. It was nan past awesome backend connection to get a connection team,” nan user, gpshead, besides said.

Though Google didn’t item headcount, immoderate of nan layoffs astatine Google whitethorn person been confirmed successful a WARN announcement revenge connected April 24, 2024. WARN, aliases nan California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, requires employers pinch much than 100 labor to supply 60-day announcement successful beforehand of layoffs. In nan filing, Google said it was laying disconnected a full of 50 labor crossed 3 locations successful Sunnyvale, CA.

On societal media, commenters raised concerns pinch nan Python layoffs successful particular, fixed nan domiciled that Python tooling plays successful AI. But others pointed retired that Google didn’t destruct its Python team, it replaced that squad pinch different group based successful Munich — astatine slightest according to Python Steering Council personnel Thomas Wouters, successful a station connected Mastodon.

“It’s a reliable time erstwhile everyone you activity pinch directly, including your manager, is laid disconnected — excuse me, ‘had their roles reduced,’ and you’re asked to onboard their replacements, group told to return those very aforesaid roles conscionable successful a different state who are not immoderate happier astir it,” he said successful a Mastodon station past Thursday.

Google said it would support each impacted employees, successful statement pinch section requirements, by providing them pinch clip to hunt for different roles astatine Google aliases elsewhere, entree to outplacement services, and severance.