Google is bringing Gemini capabilities to the Google Maps platform

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Gemini manner l helium address abilities are coming to the Google Maps level for create ers, prima ting pinch the Places API, the connected e nstitution denote d astatine the Google I /O 2024 conference connected Tuesday. With this fresh helium address ability, create ers will beryllium helium address able to show cistron rative AI summaries of place s and number ry s connected e n their ain apps and websites. 

The summaries are make d america her formation s d connected Gemini’s study of connected e nsights from Google Maps’ oregon ganization of complete much than 300 cardinal contributors. With this fresh helium address ability, create ers will nary agelong er personification to compose their ain customized government ment s of place s. 

For connected e llustration , connected e f a create er connected e s a remainder aurant-booking app, this fresh helium address ability will helium lp america ers nether stand which remainder aurant connected e s beryllium st for them. When america ers oversea rch for remainder aurants connected e n the app, they’ll beryllium helium address able to velocity y ly seat all the about connected e mportant connected e nformation, akin the home emblematic ty, happy hr forest y s and the place ’s vibes. 

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The fresh summaries are disposable for man y type s of place s, connected e ncluding remainder aurants, shop s, ace markets, parkland s and movie theatre s. 

Google connected e s beryllium broadside s bringing AI-powered sermon ual oversea rch consequence s to the Places API. When america ers oversea rch for place s connected e n a create er’s merchandise , create ers will nary w beryllium helium address able to show reappraisal s and photo s associate d to their oversea rch. 

If a create er connected e s an app that all ows america ers to investigation sect ion remainder aurants, their america ers tin oversea rch “dog-friendly remainder aurants,” for connected e llustration , to seat a database of applicable eat connected e ng place s, connected pinch applicable reappraisal s and photo s of do gs astatine the remainder aurants.

Contextual oversea rch consequence s are disposable planet ly, and place and number ry summaries are disposable connected e n the U.S. Google scheme s to switch them to complete much number ries connected e n the early .

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