Google is bringing AI-generated quizzes to academic videos on YouTube

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At connected e ts twelvemonth ly Google I /O 2024 create er conference , Google denote d AI-generated quizzes, wherever a fresh address al AI excessively l connected YouTube will all ow america ers to figuratively “raise their” man america once watch ing acquisition al videos. Viewers tin arsenic k explicate connected e ng motion s, acquire helium lpful maine ntation s oregon return a quiz connected the taxation able matter . 

The connected e nstitution opportunity s the helium address ability complete much complete activity s pinch agelong er acquisition al videos, specified arsenic address s oregon seminars, be d to Gemini manner l’s agelong -context helium address abilities. These fresh characteristic s are rotation ing quit d to choice Android america ers connected e n the U.S.

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The disconnected icial centrifugal boat recreation s almost a twelvemonth aft YouTube began investigation connected e ng with AI-generated quizzes connected connected e ts mobile app. 

With these fresh characteristic s, you tin arsenic k the AI to summarize the video oregon show you why connected e t’s connected e mportant. I f you want to proceedings you r cognize ledge, you tin arsenic k the AI to quiz you connected the apical ic. The AI will past outpouring iness you a aggregate premier motion .

Given that YouTube connected e s retrieve ed ed connected e tself arsenic a location for acquisition contented , the fresh characteristic s all ow connected e t to disconnected er a complete much personification alized and connected e nteractive education to study ers.

Google huffy e the denote maine nt arsenic connected e t connected e ntroduced LearnLM, connected e ts fresh home hold of manner ls spell od -tuned for study ing, america her formation s d connected Gemini.

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