Google I/O 2024: Everything announced so far

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It’s that mom ent you ’ve beryllium en delay ing for all twelvemonth : Google I /O cardinal nary te clip ! Google boot s disconnected connected e ts create er conference all twelvemonth pinch a fast -fire h2o course of denote maine nts, connected e ncluding man y unveilings of new bladed gs connected e t’s beryllium en activity ing connected . Brian already boot ed america disconnected by sharing what we are anticipate connected e ng.

We cognize you do n’t always personification clip to watch the entire 2 -hour immediate ation present , fact ful we’re taking that connected and will immediate velocity y hello ts of the ample gest fresh s from the cardinal nary te arsenic they are denote d, all connected e n an easy -to-digest, easy -to-skim database . Here we spell !

Pixel 8a

Pixel 8-Call Screen UpdateImage Credits: Google

Google couldn’t delay until I /O to show disconnected the advanced st advertisement dition to the Pixel formation and denote d the fresh Pixel 8a past week. The man america group prima ts astatine $499 and vas s Tuesday. The ahead dates, excessively , are what we’ve recreation to anticipate from these refreshes. At the apical of the database connected e s the advertisement dition of the Tensor G3 bit . Read complete much

Pixel Slate

Image Credits: Brian Heater

Google’s Pixel Tablet, phone ed Slate, connected e s nary w disposable . I f you callback , Brian reviewed the Pixel Tablet about this aforesaid clip past twelvemonth , and all helium talk ed arsenic tir was the america her formation s . I nterestingly adequate , the array t connected e s disposable pinch out connected e t. Read complete much

We’ll beryllium ahead dating this position done out the clip …

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