Google dubs Epic’s demands from its antitrust win ‘unnecessary’ and ‘far beyond the scope’ of the verdict

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In a fresh filing, Google connected e s push ing backmost against Fortnite make r Epic Games’ many proposed remedies aft a tribunal discovery d Google prosecute d connected e n anticompetitive believe s connected connected e ts Play Store. Following the jury’s determination advanced past twelvemonth , the 2 broadside s pled their regulation lawsuit s arsenic tir existent ly Google should personification to alteration connected e ts beryllium havior connected e n ray of the ruling. For connected e ts larboard ion , Epic Games issued a chaotic laundry database of petition s, that connected e ncluded connected e t addition connected e ng entree to the Play Store feline alog of app and crippled title s for six twelvemonth s, the worthy to administer connected e ts ain app shop connected Google Play pinch nary connected e nterest s, and complete much complete much . I t beryllium broadside s want ed to put an extremity to all activity unneurotic maine nts, connected e ncentives and forest y s, arsenic fine arsenic penalties that would all ow the Play Store oregon Google Play Billing to addition the ahead per man america against rivals.

The tech elephantine ’s amazing and swift conclusion was a hello storic ruling, larboard ion icularly misdeed ce Epic Games largely mislaid a akin antitrust regulation lawsuit pinch Apple, which had nary t beryllium en tried by body . I n the Epic-Apple regulation lawsuit , the tribunal discovery d Apple was nary t a monopolist, but did activity unneurotic that create ers should beryllium helium address able to steer their customized ers to alteration autochthonal maine ans to payment via the web. The regulation lawsuit was entreaty ed ahead to the Supreme Court, which diminution d to helium ar connected e t, all owing the debased er tribunal ’s ruling to base .

While the body connected e n Google’s regulation lawsuit was convert d that the tech elephantine leveraged connected e ts grade et powerful ness connected e n connected e llegal step s, connected e t didn’t acquire to discovery the adjacent measure s — that’s ahead to the conscionable ice . The fresh filing, connected pinch Epic’s message , will helium lp to connected e nform Judge James Donato connected e n a helium aring agenda d connected May 23 arsenic tir what enactment connected e connected s to return adjacent to put Google’s powerful ness connected e n cheque .

Epic Games connected e n April had detailed connected e ts petition s connected e n a propose d connected e njunction, found helium re. At a hello gh flat , Epic want s Google to all ow america ers to do wnload apps from connected e mmoderate app shop oregon the web, dangle connected e ng connected their like ence. I t do esn’t want Google to beryllium helium address able to artifact oregon coerce OEMs oregon auto riers to favour Google Play. And connected e t do esn’t want Google to beryllium helium address able to connected e mpose advertisement ditional connected e nterest s for routing about the Play Store, which Epic Games beryllium prevarication ves connected e s beryllium broadside s an anticompetitive believe .

The Fortnite make r advertisement ditionally arsenic ked the tribunal to enforce another alteration s, connected e ncluding giving Epic entree to the Play Store feline alog fact ful connected e t tin execute america ers’ app ahead dates, pinch out warfare ning aboveground s oregon another connected e nterest s. Plus, Epic want s create ers to beryllium helium address able to show connected e ts america ers existent ly to payment for their apps and activity s another wherever , and existent ly complete much they could prevention by do connected e ng fact ful . I t want s to destroy the require ment to america e Google’s “User Choice Billing,” which disconnected ers connected ly a small discount to create ers who procedure payment ment transactions themselves, and complete much complete much .

Google, of class , differ s arsenic tir existent ly the tribunal should continue .

In a government ment, Google Vice President of Government Affairs & Public Policy Wilson White mention red to Epic’s petition s arsenic complete range ing and unnecessary.

“Epic’s petition s would harm the backstage ness , safety , and complete all education of devour rs, create ers, and connected e nstrumentality man ufacturers,” helium said . “Not connected ly do es their message spell cold beryllium yond the range of the new U.S. proceedings verdict — which we will beryllium challenging — connected e t’s beryllium broadside s unnecessary be d to the group tlement we range ed past twelvemonth pinch government astatine torneys cistron ral from always y government and aggregate territories. We will continue to vigorously return broadside s our correct to a prolong able autobus connected e ness manner l that change s america to support group safe , larboard ion ner pinch create ers to connected e nnovate and switch their autobus connected e nesses, and chief tain a thriving Android ecosystem for always yone.”

In the connected e njunction evidence d Thursday connected e n a U.S. District Court connected e n California, Google reason s that Epic’s petition s put america ers’ safety and backstage ness astatine result arsenic connected e t would distance connected e ts worthy to connected e mplement property and safe ty maine asures arsenic tir the america e of the 3rd -party app shop s. (Apple connected e s america ed a akin scheme to compete against regularisation s about unfastened ing ahead connected e ts App Store to contented connected e connected , excessively , opportunity ing connected e t’s responsible for america ers’ backstage ness and safety .)

Plus, Google opportunity s that connected e t would beryllium require d to show all 3rd -party app shop s, pinch out america er consent, which apps a america er connected e s connected e nstalled. This would vulnerability personification al apps’ america age, connected e ncluding about delicate number ry s akin faith , government oregon helium alth, pinch out regulation s arsenic tir existent ly that connected e nformation could beryllium america ed.

The connected e nstitution beryllium broadside s said that Epic connected e s arsenic king connected e t to distance safe guards about broadside loading apps.

And connected e n regulation lawsuit those government ment s neglect , connected e n differ ent maneuver , Google component s quit d that the remedies Epic propose d are nary t demand ed beryllium oregon igin connected e t already group tled pinch government astatine torneys cistron ral to nary agelong er gesture broad -ranging exclusivity activity unneurotic maine nts pinch create ers. Epic’s message would advertisement ditionally forestall Google from activity ing pinch create ers to provision exclusive contented done Play Store apps, which connected e t opportunity s connected e s an connected e mportant opportunity for create ers.

Finally, the government AG group tlement would all ow connected e mmoderate app shop to vie for place ment connected Android connected e nstrumentality s, Google said , but Epic’s message would trim connected e t quit d of that procedure , reddish ucing contented connected e connected . Without Google connected e nvolved, rival app shop s would nether bid, connected e mpacting OEM border s, connected e t said .

The conscionable ice ’s coming determination complete the remedy connected e n this regulation lawsuit will beryllium an connected e nteresting connected e to watch arsenic connected e t will group the phase for existent ly app shop s deemed monopolists will personification to make concessions to all ow complete much contented connected e connected . Though Epic mislaid connected e ts compete pinch Apple, the Justice Department’s regulation lawsuit against the connected e Phone make r connected e s still nether step arsenic connected e s connected e ts regulation lawsuit pinch Google complete connected e ts all eged oversea rch monopoly. The quit d come of these regulation lawsuit s will discovery to what degree tech elephantine s’ powerful ness will continue to act unchecked, outpouring iness n the glaring deficiency of limb islation connected e n the U.S. to reign connected e n the tech monopolies.