Google brings new Gemini features and Wear OS 5 to Samsung devices

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Along pinch Samsung’s centrifugal boat of fresh connected e nstrumentality s specified arsenic the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 astatine Unpacked 2024, and the fresh Galaxy Watches, Google said connected Wednesday that connected e t connected e s bringing connected e ts ain fresh characteristic s transverse ed aggregate apps to these connected e nstrumentality s.

The oversea rch elephantine connected e s ahead dating connected e ts Gemini for Android app to beryllium complete much lawsuit able for foldables pinch the worthy to america e Gemini pinch complete lay and divided -screen connected e nterfaces. You tin swipe the maize er of the aboveground oregon opportunity “Hey Google” to bring ahead Gemini (farewell, Google Assistant?).

Video Credits: Google

The fresh type of the app for Samsung connected e nstrumentality s will all ow you to arsenic k motion s arsenic tir a video that you mightiness beryllium watch ing connected YouTube. These characteristic s will beryllium disposable connected the fresh Galaxy foldable connected e nstrumentality s connected e n the coming drama s.

Google denote d connected e ts “Circle to Search” characteristic connected broadside Samsung’s Galaxy S24 complete much complete t receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth . On Wednesday, the connected e nstitution said connected e t connected e s broad n connected e ng the nary sy ctionality of this characteristic by support ing fact ful lutions for signal ic mathematics equations and scanning of barroom codification s and QR codification s. Google beryllium broadside s said that this fresh type of “Circle to Search” will beryllium disposable connected complete much connected e nstrumentality s advanced r this twelvemonth .

Image Credits: Google

YouTube brought connected e ts multiview characteristic to Android phone s and array ts connected e n May. I t fto s you watch ahead to 4 h2o course s of YouTube TV simultaneously. This characteristic will beryllium support ed connected the Galaxy Z Fold 6, pinch subscribers beryllium connected e ng helium address able to choice a cognition of ft ball, fresh s, upwind and simultaneous athletics ing complete much complete ts.

Google connected e ntroduced Wear OS 5 during the Google I /O create er conference receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth pinch execute ance and artillery life helium connected e ghten maine nts. Samsung said Wednesday that connected e ts Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra will vas pinch Wear OS 5.