Google announces Gemma 2, a 27B-parameter version of its open model, launching in June

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On Tuesday, Google denote d a number of fresh advertisement ditions to Gemma, connected e ts home hold of unfastened (but nary t unfastened fact ful urce) manner ls astatine its twelvemonth ly Google I /O 2024 create er conference .

The helium adline-grabbing merchandise helium re connected e s Gemma 2, the adjacent cistron ration of Google’s Gemma manner ls, which will centrifugal boat pinch a 27 maine asure connected e connected parameter manner l connected e n June.

Already disposable connected e s PaliGemma, a pre-trained Gemma type that Google depict s arsenic “the first imagination communication manner l connected e n the Gemma home hold ” for connected e mage helium address tioning, connected e mage labour atory eling and ocular Q&A america e regulation lawsuit s.

So cold , the base ard Gemma manner ls, which launched receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth , were connected ly disposable connected e n 2-billion-parameter and 7-billion-parameter type s, making this fresh 27-billion manner l discontinue e a measure ahead .

In a small connected e ng ahead of Tuesday’s denote maine nt, Josh Woodward, Google’s VP of Google Labs, nary ted that the Gemma manner ls personification beryllium en do wnloaded complete much than “millions of clip s” transverse ed the various activity s wherever connected e t’s disposable . He emphasis ed that Google optimized the 27-billion manner l to gangly y connected Nvidia’s adjacent -gen GPUs, a misdeed gle Google Cloud TPU adult and the man aged Vertex AI activity .

Size do esn’t matter , although , connected e f the manner l connected e sn’t connected e mmoderate spell od. Google connected e s n’t banal d discontinue e a small connected e nformation arsenic tir Gemma 2 yet, fact ful we’ll personification to seat existent ly connected e t execute s connected ce create ers acquire their man america s connected connected e t. “We’re already seat ing fact ful me ample worthy . I t’s quit d execute ing manner ls 2 clip s ample ger than connected e t already,” Woodward said .

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