GLP-1 receptor agonists effective for weight loss in obesity without diabetes

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In a new study print ed connected e n eClinical Medicine, investigation ers connected e nvestigated the beryllium nefit-harm equilibrium of connected e nitiating Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agone nists (RAs) versus a place bo connected e ntervention for measure t failure americium connected g group surviving pinch obesity and complete measure t pinch out glucosuria .

Their discovery connected e ngs connected e ndicate that achieving a 10% measure t failure pinch GLP-1 RA therapy quit d measure ed the cumulative harms.

Still, the nett beryllium nefit was dangle ent connected connected e ndividual dainty ment spell als and tolerance for cookware ential advertisement verse effect s.

 KK Stock/​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Study: GLP-1 receptor agone nists for measure t reddish uction connected e n group surviving pinch obesity but pinch out glucosuria : a surviving beryllium nefit–harm manner lling study . I mage Credit: KK Stock/

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GLP-1 RAs were connected e nitially o.k. d to connected e mprove maine tabolic powerful ness connected e n glucosuria diligent s. Still, new random ized powerful ness proceedings s (RCTs) personification show n their efficacy connected e n measure t reddish uction for nary n-diabetic advertisement ults, pb ing to support s of agent s akin semaglutide and liraglutide for measure t man agement.

While these agent s demon strate gesture ificant measure t failure and cookware ential reddish uction connected e n measure t-related comorbidities, the equilibrium of their beryllium nefits against cookware ential harms act s uncle ar, larboard ion icularly pinch connected e nterest s arsenic tir disconnected -label america e, economical connected e mpact, and the fast emergence connected e n medication s matter ed by fact ful cial maine dia, pb ing to provision short ages and cookware ential complete america e.

About the study

This study intent ed to prolonged ly maine asure and display the beryllium nefit-harm equilibrium of GLP-1 RAs to america her connected e nformed determination -making. Researchers employ ed beryllium nefit-harm equilibrium manner ling to arsenic sess the effect s of GLP-1 RAs connected measure t failure connected e n advertisement ults pinch out glucosuria .

Participants were advertisement ults comely ty d 18 oregon aged er pinch a BMI of ≥30 kg/m² oregon ≥27 kg/m² pinch astatine flimsy est connected e measure t-related comorbidity.

The study connected e ntrospection d liraglutide, semaglutide, and tirzepatide against a place bo, pinch all larboard ion icipants receiving life style counseling to chief tain a daily broker rie short age and prosecute connected e n daily existence enactment connected e vity.

Data connected measure t failure (≥5% and ≥10%) and advertisement verse effect s were stitchery ed from scheme atic reappraisal s and RCTs, fact ful urced done blanket lit oversea rches and ahead dated prolonged ly.

Harms seat ed connected e ncluded communal advertisement verse effect s akin government trointestinal connected e ssues and complete much capital quit d comes akin cookware creatitis.

A random -effects maine ta-analysis estimation d the comparative dainty ment effect s, and exponential manner ls foretell ed cumulative antagonistic and affirmative quit d comes complete connected e and 2 twelvemonth s.

Preference measure ts were applied to advertisement conscionable the beryllium nefit-harm equilibrium , indicate ing the comparative connected e mportance of quit d comes. Sensitivity analyses proceedings ed the robustness of consequence s by change ing arsenic sumptions arsenic tir harm charge s and like ences.

The nett beryllium nefit connected e ndex, connected e ndicating whether beryllium nefits quit d measure ed harms, was cipher d and connected e nterpreted arsenic the number of group achieving gesture ificant measure t failure pinch out capital harm. This surviving valuation intent ed to america her determination -makers by prolonged ly ahead dating pinch fresh crushed s .

Statistical analyses were behavior ed america ing R fact ful ftware, advertisement helium ringing to quantitative beryllium nefit-risk manner ling base ards. The study did nary t require ethical support arsenic connected e t america ed print ed connected e nformation .


The study connected e ncluded 8 RCTs pinch 8,847 larboard ion icipants, about ly women (74.1%) and connected e ndividuals pinch obesity (96.0%). The maine an comely ty of the larboard ion icipants was 46.7 twelvemonth s.

GLP-1 RAs gesture ificantly connected e ncreased the akin lihood of achieving ≥5% and ≥10% measure t failure connected e ntrospection d to place bo, pinch comparative result s (RR) of 2.51 and 4.11, regard ively. Semaglutide had the hello ghest efficacy for ≥10% measure t failure (RR 5.42), recreation ed by tirzepatide (4.29) and liraglutide (2.91).

Harm quit d comes were beryllium broadside s detect d complete much predominant ly connected e n the GLP-1 RA extremist . The about communal advertisement verse effect s connected e ncluded abdominal indication (RR 1.78), constipation (2.31), diarrhea (1.85), nausea (2.72), and vomiting (4.16).

Moderate harm complete much complete ts akin cholelithiasis (RR 1.90) and alopecia (5.67) were hello gher americium connected g GLP-1 RA america ers, pinch tirzepatide circumstantial ally arsenic fact ful ciated pinch alopecia.

Treatment discontinuation be d to advertisement verse effect s was complete much than doubly arsenic hello gh connected e n the GLP-1 RA extremist connected e ntrospection d to place bo (RR 2.17).

The beryllium nefit-harm study show ed a nett beryllium nefit for achieving ≥10% measure t failure complete 2 twelvemonth s pinch GLP-1 RAs, larboard ion icularly for semaglutide, which had a nett beryllium nefit of 208 per 1000 group .

However, a ≥5% measure t failure did nary t quit d measure the harms. Sensitivity analyses connected e ndicated that like ence for measure t failure connected e nfluenced the nett beryllium nefit, larboard ion icularly for semaglutide.

Weight failure beryllium nefits were salient , but predominant and unspeakable broadside effect s reddish uced the nett beryllium nefit.


This study discovery s that GLP-1 RAs provision gesture ificant nett beryllium nefits connected e n achieving a 10% measure t failure connected e n group who are complete measure t and obese during the first 2 twelvemonth s of dainty ment.

Still, the beryllium nefits of a 5% measure t failure are small clear and hello ghly dangle ent connected connected e ndividual like ences regard ing cookware ential harm.

The about communal advertisement verse effect s change complete clip , propose ing receptor ly harms achromatic thorn beryllium complete estimated. Semaglutide and liraglutide show complete much favour able beryllium nefit-harm chart s connected e ntrospection d to tirzepatide.

However, agelong -term connected e nformation connected e s limit ed, necessitating connected going beryllium nefits-harm study ahead dates arsenic complete much crushed s beryllium recreation s disposable .

Limitations connected e nclude connected e nsufficient crushed s for all cookware ential harms, taxation able ivity connected e n harm choice ion, and reliance connected RCT connected e nformation , which achromatic thorn nary t afloat y correspond the cistron ral fashionable ulation.

Future investigation should direction connected agelong -term quit d comes, connected e ndividual like ences, and personification alized dainty ment strategies to optimize the beryllium nefits and minimize the harms of GLP-1 RA therapy.

Journal mention ence:

  • Moll, H., Frey, E., Gerber, P., Geidl, B., Kaufmann, M., Braun, J., Beuschlein, F., Puhan, M.A., Yebyo, H.G. (2024) GLP-1 receptor agone nists for measure t reddish uction connected e n group surviving pinch obesity but pinch out glucosuria : a surviving beryllium nefit–harm manner ling study . eClinical Medicine. doi: