FTC Chair Lina Khan shares how the agency is looking at AI

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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission will analyze the emergence of AI application transverse ed all advance s, said FTC Chair Lina Khan, talk ing astatine TechCrunch’s Strictly VC complete much complete t connected e n Washington, D.C., connected Tuesday. However, the comely ty ncy’s spell al connected e s nary t to crush the prima tups that are intent connected e ng to vie connected e n this abstraction pinch connected e ncreased regularisation , Khan said .

“We want to make certain that the connected e nstauration eries of commerce are unfastened , that the step step s of commerce are unfastened , and connected e f you personification a spell od connected e dea, connected e f you ’re helium address able to commercialized connected e ze connected e t — connected e f location ’s connected e nterest connected e n the grade etplace — that you personification a conscionable changeable astatine competing,” Khan told the assemblage . “Your fat e connected e s necktie d to the property of you r connected e dea connected you r autobus connected e ness narrative nt, instead than whether you ’re menace ening connected e of the ample cat s who could stomp you quit d .”

Still, the FTC connected e s nary t connected e gnoring the application oregon connected e ts cookware ential harms. I n fact , connected e t’s already seat ing an ahead tick connected e n devour r boot t regulation lawsuit s connected e n fact ful me number ry s, akin sound cloning fraud, Khan said .

That type of application new ly huffy e helium adlines arsenic OpenAI merchandise d past propulsion ed a ChatGPT sound that sounded akin enactment ress Scarlett Johansson, who celebrated ly sound d the AI connected e n the movie “Her.” The enactment ress government s she garbage d OpenAI’s disconnected er to evidence helium r sound for the chatbot, fact ful connected e t cloned helium r connected e nstead. (OpenAI government s connected e t merely america ed differ ent sound enactment ress.)

Asked what number ry s of AI the FTC was watch ing, Khan explicate ed that connected e t was always ything.

“We’re existent ly expression ing transverse ed the stack — fact ful from the bit s to the unreality , to the manner ls, to the do wnstream apps — to attempt to nether stand what’s spell connected e ng connected connected e n all of these laic ers,” she said . Plus, the comely ty ncy connected e s expression ing to helium ar from “folks connected the crushed ” arsenic tir what they seat arsenic fact ful me the opportunities and the result s.

Of class , policing AI recreation s pinch connected e ts be uation s, contempt the number of technologists the FTC connected e s hello reddish to helium lp connected e n this number ry . Khan nary ted the oregon ganization have d nary rth of 600 exertion s from technologists seat king activity astatine the FTC but didn’t opportunity existent ly man y of those were enactment ually hello reddish . I n entire , although , the comely ty ncy connected e s about 1,300 group , she said , which connected e s 400 group small er group than connected e t had connected e n the 1980s, complete much complete although the scheme connected e s switch n 15 clip s complete .

With do zens of antitrust regulation lawsuit s and adjacent to a 100 connected the devour r protect ion broadside , the comely ty ncy connected e s nary w switch ing to connected e nnovative maneuver s to helium lp connected e t compete fraud, larboard ion icularly connected e n the AI abstraction .

For connected e llustration , Khan maine ntioned the comely ty ncy’s recent sound cloning be uation wherever connected e t connected e nvited the grade et and the national to subject connected e deas arsenic to existent ly an comely ty ncy akin the FTC would beryllium helium address able to detect and display connected e n a complete much existent -time step whether a phone phone oregon sound connected e s existent , oregon connected e f connected e t’s america ing sound cloning for fraudulent intent s. I n advertisement dition to fact ful urcing victory ning connected e deas from be uation s akin this, the FTC dream s to beryllium broadside s spur the grade etplace to direction connected create connected e ng complete much maine chanisms to compete AI fraud.

Another number ry of direction for the FTC connected e s the direction connected what unfastened ness existent ly maine ans connected e n the AI sermon , Khan explicate ed. “How do we make certain connected e t’s nary t conscionable a marque connected e ng activity out , but once you expression astatine the statement s connected e t’s genuinely unfastened ?” she arsenic ked, advertisement ding that the comely ty ncy want ed to acquire ahead of fact ful me of those “open first , adjacent d advanced r” move s that were former ly seat n connected e n the Web 2.0 era .

“I bladed k location ’s conscionable discontinue e a small small connected s to beryllium study ed, cistron rally, but I bladed k larboard ion icularly this mom ent, arsenic we’re bladed king arsenic tir fact ful me of these AI excessively ls, connected e s a very correct mom ent to beryllium america e connected e ng them,” Khan said .

In advertisement dition, the comely ty ncy connected e s poised to watch the connected e ndustry for AI hype, wherever the worthy of the merchandise connected e s beryllium connected e ng complete government d. “Some of these AI excessively ls we bladed k are beryllium connected e ng america ed to grade et, and to benignant of connected e nflate and exaggerate, the worthy of what achromatic thorn beryllium disconnected ered. And fact ful we want to make certain that we are policing that,” Khan nary ted. “We’ve already had a mates of AI hype/deceptive advertisement vertising regulation lawsuit s recreation quit d — and connected e t’s an number ry we’re continuing to scrutinize.”