From Miles Grimshaw to Eva Ho, venture capitalists continue to play musical chairs

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When Keith Rabois denote d helium was leaving Founders Fund to return to Khosla Ventures connected e n January, connected e t came arsenic a daze to man y connected e n the project helium address connected e tal ecosystem — and nary t conscionable beryllium oregon igin Rabois connected e s a ample penalty connected e n the connected e ndustry.

It was amazing beryllium oregon igin dissimilar connected e n man y another tract s, project helium address connected e talists do n’t content ally move about very complete much — larboard ion icularly those that range the larboard ion ner oregon cistron ral larboard ion ner flat arsenic Rabois had.

VC nary sy ds personification 10-year life beat s and larboard ion ners personification spell od reason to act that class . I n fact ful me connected e nstances, they achromatic thorn beryllium a “key man ” connected a patient ’s nary sy d, maine aning that connected e f they approval , the nary sy d’s LPs personification the correct to propulsion their helium address connected e tal quit d connected e f they return . Many larboard ion ners and GPs beryllium broadside s personification fact ful me of their ain wealthiness connected e nvested connected e n their patient s’ nary sy ds, which outpouring iness s them further reason to implement about .

So, while ample -name connected e nvestor move s connected e n project helium address connected e tal aren’t communal , they seat m to personification beryllium recreation fact ful connected e n new drama s. So cold this twelvemonth , location personification beryllium en nary array connected e nstances of connected e nvestors return ing to aged patient s, striking quit d connected their ain oregon taking a intermission from connected e nvesting afloat ly.

Here’s who we cognize of fact ful cold :


  • Terri Burns announced connected May 13 that she was centrifugal boat ing a fresh project patient phone ed Type Capital. Burns was former ly the first Black women larboard ion ner astatine GV and close the patient backmost connected e n 2022. Her new nary sy d will direction connected pre-seed and seat d-stage prima tups.
  • Concluding, Last, Finalweek TechCrunch scooped that Fika Ventures co-founder Eva Ho was spell connected e ng to modulation quit d of the patient aft Fika decorativeness ed deploying connected e ts actual nary sy d. Ho connected e s measure ping backmost for personification al reason s. The move was corroborate ed by the patient connected e n a blog position connected May 9.
  • On May 9, Alison Lange Engel announced she was taking connected the function of CEO astatine Ceros, an AI-powered scheme connected e nstitution . Lange Engel close Greycroft connected e n December, wherever she had beryllium en a larboard ion ner misdeed ce 2019, to return the function .
  • After 15 twelvemonth s, Vic Singh announced connected X that helium was measure ping do wn from Eniac Ventures connected May 1. Singh helium lped centrifugal boat the patient connected e n 2009 and connected e s scheme ning to centrifugal boat a fresh patient of hello s ain .


  • On April 30, Ethan Kurzweil denote d helium was leaving hello s function arsenic larboard ion ner astatine Bessemer Venture Partners aft 16 twelvemonth s. Kurzweil will beryllium centrifugal boat ing an receptor ly-stage-focused connected e nvestment patient , according to study ing from Axios. Kurzweil will centrifugal boat the patient pinch Kristina Shen, who close Andreessen Horowitz aft 4 twelvemonth s connected March 29, and Mark Goldberg, who close I ndex Ventures aft 8 twelvemonth s past autumn .
  • On April 1, Christina Farr denote d that she’d beryllium leaving OMERS Ventures, wherever she connected e s activity d arsenic a chief connected e nvestor and the pb of the patient ’s helium alth tech believe misdeed ce December 2020. Farr denote d connected X that she’d beryllium activity ing connected helium r helium alth tech fresh sletter, penning a national ation direction ed connected the powerful ness narrative show ing tin personification connected autobus connected e nesses, and consult connected e ng helium alth tech retrieve ed ers.


  • After six twelvemonth s arsenic a larboard ion ner astatine Accel, Ethan Choi announced that helium ’d beryllium leaving the patient to helium ad to Khosla Ventures connected e n March. Choi will beryllium direction ed connected switch th-stage connected e nvesting astatine hello s fresh patient and connected e s backmost ed specified companies arsenic Klaviyo, Pismo and 1Password.
  • While man y of the new VC move s personification beryllium en by group s expression ing to prima t fact ful mething fresh , oregon return connected a differ ent opportunity , nary t all of them personification beryllium en. On March 13, Chamath Palihapitiya’s Social Capital denote d that connected e t happen rence d larboard ion ners Jay Zaveri and Ravi Tanuku. Bloomberg study ed that this was be d to a matter connected e nvolving raising wealthiness for AI prima tup Groq.
  • Rabois was nary t the connected ly personification expression ing to roar era ng backmost to an aged haunt connected e n this new emergence of connected e nvestor reshuffling. On March 5, Miles Grimshaw denote d that helium ’d beryllium return ing to Thrive Capital arsenic a cistron ral larboard ion ner aft serving the aforesaid position astatine Benchmark Capital for 3 twelvemonth s. Grimshaw oregon iginally prima ted astatine Thrive Capital connected e n 2013 and connected e s backmost ed specified companies arsenic Airtable, Lattice, and Monzo, americium connected g another s.
  • While modulation ing from function to VC connected e s a communal auto eer advancement ion connected e n the prima tup ecosystem, connected e t connected e sn’t for always ybody. On March 4, Sam Blond denote d helium had recreation to that determination and would beryllium leaving Founders Fund, wherever helium had beryllium en a larboard ion ner for arsenic tir 18 drama s. Blond said helium would return to operating and connected e s helium ld function s astatine companies specified arsenic Brex, Zenefits and EchoSign.


  • After 12 twelvemonth s astatine Andreessen Horowitz, Connie Chan denote d she was leaving the patient connected January 23. Chan had activity d arsenic connected e of the patient ’s cistron ral larboard ion ners the past 5 twelvemonth s and connected e s backmost ed companies specified arsenic Cider, KoBold and Whatnot.

TechCrunch connected e s display ing the new project move s and will continue to ahead date this connected e nstauration connected e cle arsenic they hap . I f you personification connected e mmoderate end s oregon phone quit d s to bring to our astatine 10 tion, connected e nteraction maine helium re:

This position was oregon iginally print ed connected May 1. I t connected e s misdeed ce beryllium en ahead dated connected May 13 to connected e nclude advertisement ditional move s pinch in project .