From chips to pizza and beer, brands look to cash in on solar eclipse

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Solar eclipse to bring economical boost

Solar eclipse expected to bring economical roar arsenic millions travel 04:28

The coming total star eclipse will past less than 5 minutes, but nan uncommon celestial arena is inspiring days of promotions, pinch fast-food chains and others offering discounts, free snacks and limited-edition star eclipse glasses.

Some portion of nan April 8 eclipse will beryllium visible to astir each successful North America, but nan totality of nan arena will transverse 15 states from Texas to Maine, pinch cities and locations on that way among those looking to rate in. 

Places pinch typical landing pages and promotions see Erie County, Penn., which is offering ISO-certified eclipse glasses connected a first-come, first-serve ground from Friday done Monday astatine 3 road remainder stops. County adjacent locations passim northwest Pennsylvania are besides offering eclipse glasses pinch each purchase. 

Also on nan eclipse path, nan metropolis of Indianapolis has restaurants serving up cosmic-themed cocktails. NASA and nan Indianapolis Motor Speedway are trading $20 tickets for admission, infield parking and limited-edition eclipse glasses.

The Waters Hotel astatine Hot Springs National Park successful Arkansas is holding a play of Blacked Out events, including a rooftop star eclipse viewing party. 

Other venues are besides holding unrecorded viewing events, including astatine McLane Stadium successful Waco, Texas, wherever what's billed arsenic a VIP acquisition is sold out. 

Warby Parker is giving away free, ISO-certified star eclipse glasses astatine its stores from April 1 until nan large day.

Krispy Kreme and Oreo are teaming up to connection a Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut, nutrient blogger Markie Devo posted connected Instagram.

Dippin; Dots is offering a 25% discount connected online orders for those utilizing nan promo codification eclipse25.

Burger King loyalty programme members who matter ECLIPSE to 251251 from April 8 done April 15 a buy-one-get-one-free Whopper woody connected nan burger chain's app aliases online.

From April 8 done April 14, Marco's Pizza is offering 50% off each menu-priced pizzas ordered online aliases done its app pinch nan promo codification ECLIPSE.

Yum Brands concatenation Pizza Hut is calling its existent promotion a Total Eclipse of nan Hut, offering immoderate ample pizza for $12.

Beer is not included successful Blue Moon Brewing Co.'s Eclipse Sips kit that goes connected waste for $25 connected nan company's website midday connected Wednesday. The kits see achromatic ray coasters, a flashlight, 4 Blue Moon pint gasses and immoderate "moon dust" to make nan company's Blue Moon White Belgian-Style wheat ale "shimmer and glow."

Cleveland-based Malley's Chocolates is offering a dainty for $2.75 called nan Eclipse Ahoy online astatine at its 19 unit stores successful Northwest Ohio. The candy maker's concoction involves giving a Chips Ahoy cooky a creamy achromatic bottom, topping it pinch chewy caramel and covering it successful acheronian cocoa and postulation sprinkles.

Jeni's Ice Creams is including collectible eclipse glasses pinch online orders of its Punk Stargonaut postulation now done Wednesday and astatine its unit stores starting Friday and while supplies last.

MoonPie is offering a 2024 Total Eclipse endurance it for $9.99. It includes 4 cocoa MoonPie minis and 2 pairs of ISO-certified, MoonPie-branded star eclipse gasses. The glasses tin beryllium ordered for $1.99 a piece.

Sonic Drive-In marked nan coming eclipse by launching a Blackout Slush Float connected March 25 and disposable nationwide done May 5. Each acquisition of nan celestial-inspired portion will travel pinch a free brace of eclipse viewing glasses.

Frito Lays' SunChips is offering a limited-time spirit for free, but only for a fewer minutes, while supplies last. Fans tin participate to triumph a container of Solar Eclipse chips by entering their email here astatine 1:33 p.m. Central connected Friday, during nan eclipse. Before nan large day, fans tin station their viewing plans connected nan SunChips Instagram relationship for a chance to beryllium 1 of 3 random winners of a SunChips swag container pinch broad and different goodies.

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Kate Gibson is simply a newsman for CBS MoneyWatch successful New York.