Fraudsters target small businesses with scams. Here are some to watch out for

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NEW YORK (AP) — It’s ne'er nosy to beryllium scammed, but if you’re a mini business proprietor past falling for a scam tin person long-lasting effects connected a business, damaging customer relationships and profit.

Plenty of types of scams exist, but a fewer impact mini businesses the most.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, mini businesses should beryllium connected the lookout for phony invoices and unordered merchandise. Scammers nonstop retired clone invoices and dream businesses won’t notice. Similarly, scammers telephone saying they want to corroborate an bid aliases verify an address, and nonstop unordered merchandise they past request money for. Small business owners are nether nary responsibility to pay.

Another point to watch: if you’re starting a mini business, seeking retired business coaching tin beryllium a adjuvant endeavor. But group offering those services aren’t ever legitimate. They complaint for services they don’t really supply and ramp up fees. For morganatic business coaching interaction your section Small Business Administration location office.

The Better Business Bureau besides warns of directory scams, which it says person targeted businesses for decades. Scammers effort to get businesses to salary for a listing aliases advertisement abstraction successful a non-existent directory. Or they dishonesty astir being from a morganatic directory. Either measurement a mini business pays for thing that it ne'er gets.

If you spot a scam, study it to You tin besides record a title pinch the Better Business Bureau astatine