Francesca Farago Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby With Jesse Sullivan

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Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan Open Up About Their IVF Journey | 2024 People’s Choice Awards

Oh, baby! Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan's family is growing 

After months of documenting their fertility journey, the Too Hot to Handle star announced she's pregnant and expecting a babe pinch nan TikToker. The small 1 will subordinate Jesse's 15-year-old Arlo, whom he welcomed during a erstwhile relationship. 

"We wanted to return this typical time to observe this astonishing milestone pinch each of you," Francesca wrote connected Instagram March 31. "We've brought you pinch america done nan loss, truthful we couldn't hold to bring you on for nan win. I americium still beautiful recently pregnant, and there's truthful overmuch much to come, but we are truthful excited to beryllium increasing our family pinch Arlo arsenic nan coolest older sibling! AHH IM PREGNANT!" 

Jesse besides celebrated nan news pinch a TikTok video that looked backmost astatine nan couple's IVF experience, and he noted they wanted to stock nan update pinch fans connected Transgender Day of Visibility.

"We're pregnant!" Jesse, who came retired arsenic transgender successful 2019, captioned nan clip. "Its been specified a struggle to get here, but we felt for illustration TDOV was nan cleanable time to fto you each successful connected our celebration. Im truthful proud of @Francesca Farago for fighting her measurement to get here, and I autumn much successful emotion pinch her each day. Thank you for pursuing our journey, and heres to much trans joy!"

After making nan gestation announcement, nan brace received an outpouring of congratulatory messages.

"YAYYYY!!!" Demi Lovato commented. "So happy for you both!!!!" Added Chrishell Stause, "So truthful so sososososooooooo happy for you two."

The gestation uncover comes almost a twelvemonth aft Francesca and Jesse sewage engaged, with the mates antecedently noting they wanted to statesman their roadworthy to expanding their family correct away.  

"We're going to astir apt make embryos, and we're going to usage Arlo's, astir likely, Arlo's biologic different dada for nan sperm," Jesse shared connected a May 2023 section of nan podcast Sofia With an F. "So we would make my embryo from mine, my embryo from hers, his sperm and past we would frost them until she's really fresh to carry." 

And they expressed their dream for much than 1 baby. "It would beryllium twins," Francesca continued. "It would beryllium his egg, my egg, aforesaid sperm. That's nan plan."

Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

In fact, the Perfect Match alum and nan contented creator said they intended to postpone their wedding until aft nan birth. 

"We want a immense wedding, but I deliberation it would beryllium truthful tiny if we had a small babe successful our arms aliases 2 babies successful our arms astatine nan wedding," Francesca exclusively told Laverne Cox at nan 2024 People's Choice Awards successful February. "So, hopefully we tin person a babe first and past do nan large wedding after."

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