Forbes has released its list of the world's billionaires

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Forbes has released its yearly database of nan world's billionaires and successful 2024, location are much group connected nan database than ever – and they're richer than ever.

There are 141 much billionaires successful nan world than past year, pinch 2,781 successful total. Their mixed worthy equals $14.2 trillion – up by $2 trillion successful 2023.

The 2024 list besides collapsed records group successful 2021, pinch 26 much billionaires connected nan database and their mixed nett worthy up by $1.1 trillion. 

Billionaires themselves are besides wealthier, pinch two-thirds adding to their worths. The apical 20 connected nan database gained nan most, adding $700 cardinal to their mixed worthy since 2023. And nan U.S. has a grounds 813 billionaires – nan astir of immoderate country.

China has 473 billionaires and India has 200, which group a grounds for that country.

To tally their wealth, Forbes utilized banal prices and speech rates from March 8, 2024.

Bernard Arnault and his family are astatine number one, pinch a nett worthy of $233 billion. Arnault is caput of LVMH, a luxury manner and cosmetics conglomerate successful France. The family is usually successful nan apical 3 of Forbes' wealthiest group successful nan world lists.

Elon Musk, erstwhile nan richest personification successful nan world, is No. 2 connected nan list, pinch a nett worthy of $195 billion. Musk, nan laminitis of Tesla and SpaceX, besides bought Twitter for $44 cardinal successful 2022, renaming it X. 

Musk owns an estimated 74% of nan societal media company, which is now worthy astir 70% little than he paid, Forbes estimates. This and different factors like debased Tesla earnings person lead to his net worthy dipping beneath $200 billion respective times complete nan past 2 years.

Coming successful astatine No. 3 is Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos, who has a nett worthy of $195 billion. Then comes Facebook laminitis Mark Zuckerberg, who is worthy $177 billion.

Other celebrated names connected nan database include: 

  • 100. Fox News laminitis Rupert Murdoch and his family, worthy $19.5 billion
  • 137. Dallas Cowboys General Manager and President Jerry Jones, worthy $13.9 billion
  • 1,330. Jay-Z, worthy $2.5 billion 
  • 1,851. Kim Kardashian, worthy $1.7 billion 
  • 2,545. Taylor Swift, worthy $1.1 billion

The wealthiest female connected nan billionaires database comes successful astatine No. 15: Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, nan granddaughter of nan laminitis of L'Oreal. As nan richest female successful nan world, she is worthy $99.5 billion.

The apical 4 wealthiest women aft Bettencourt: 

  • 21. Alice Walton, Walmart laminitis Sam Walton's daughter, who is worthy $72.3 billion
  • 23. Julia Koch and her 3 children, who inherited a liking successful Koch Industries from her hubby erstwhile he died and is worthy $64.3 billion
  • 35. Jacqueline Mars, who owns one-third of candy and nutrient institution Mars, who is worthy $38.5 billion
  • 43. MacKenzie Scott, nan ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, who is worthy $35.6 billion 
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