Fisker starts new round of layoffs to ‘preserve cash’

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EV startup Fisker Inc. is laying disconnected much labor to “preserve cash,” 1 week aft warning investors it would person to make cuts to stave disconnected impending bankruptcy, according to an soul email viewed by TechCrunch.

Founder and CEO Henrik Fisker told labor Monday greeting successful nan email that nan institution is “continuing to measure each viable options for our business, including a imaginable transaction, and we are committed to identifying imaginable buyers and pathways to infuse superior into nan business.”

“That said, we must sphere rate to thief support these options disposable to us,” he wrote. He antecedently told unit successful gathering past week that nan institution was still gathering pinch car companies nether NDA, which was first reported by Business Insider.

“[I]t is pinch awesome individual symptom and sadness that I present nan difficult news that coming we are making further reductions to our workforce,” Fisker wrote successful nan email.

It’s unclear really galore labor Fisker Inc. is cutting. A spokesperson did not instantly didn’t respond to a petition for comment. Fisker employed 1,135 group arsenic of April 19, according to a regulatory filing. It antecedently announced cuts of 15% successful February.

The institution announced past week that it hired a main restructuring serviceman who is now successful complaint of approving Fisker Inc.’s budget, arsenic good arsenic nan decision-making process for immoderate waste ofthe business. It reported having conscionable $54 cardinal successful rate and equivalents arsenic of April 16.