Fisker loses customers’ money, Robinhood launches a credit card, and Google generates travel itineraries

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This week, TC’s car newsman Sean O’Kane revealed really EV startup Fisker temporarily mislaid way of millions of dollars successful customer payments arsenic it scaled up deliveries, starring to an soul audit that started successful December and took months to complete.

Elsewhere, Lorenzo reported really Facebook snooped connected users’ Snapchat postulation successful a concealed task known internally astatine Meta arsenic “Project Ghostbusters.” According to tribunal documents, nan extremity was to intercept and decrypt nan web postulation betwixt group utilizing Snapchat’s app and its servers.

And Manish wrote astir nan resignation of Stability AI laminitis and CEO Emad Mostaque precocious past week. Mostaque’s departure from Stability AI — nan startup known for its celebrated image procreation instrumentality Stable Diffusion — comes amid an ongoing struggle for stableness (pun intended) astatine nan company, which was reportedly spending ~$8 cardinal a period arsenic of October 2023 pinch small gross to show for it.

Lots other happened. We recap it each successful this version of WiR — but first, a reminder to sign up to person nan WiR newsletter successful your inbox each Saturday.


Fisker suspended: Fisker’s bad week continued pinch a halt successful nan startup’s banal trading. The New York Stock Exchange moved to return Fisker disconnected nan exchange, citing its “abnormally low” banal levels.

AI-powered itineraries: In an upgrade to its Search Generative Experience, Google has added nan expertise for users to inquire Google Search to scheme a recreation itinerary. Using AI, Search will tie connected ideas from websites astir nan web on pinch reviews, photos and different details.

Robinhood’s caller card: Nine months aft acquiring in installments paper startup X1 for $95 million, Robinhood connected Wednesday announced nan motorboat of its caller Gold Card, powered by X1’s technology, pinch a database of features that could make Apple Card users envious.

At AT&T, mum’s nan word: The individual accusation of immoderate 73 cardinal AT&T customers spilled online this week. But AT&T won’t opportunity really — contempt nan hack responsible having happened complete 3 years ago.


Booming Copilot: Copilot, nan budgeting app, has raised $6 cardinal successful a Series A information led by Nico Wittenborn’s Adjacent. The app is benefiting partially from nan decease of Mint, Intuit’s financial guidance product.

Liquid assets: In a portion looking astatine nan wider VC-backed beverage industry, Rebecca and Christine statement canned h2o startup Liquid Death’s caller $67 cardinal fundraise, which brought nan company’s full raised to much than $267 million. Talk astir liquidity.

HVAC venture: Dan Laufer, a erstwhile Nextdoor exec, has raised $25 cardinal from Canvas Ventures and others for PipeDreams, a startup that acquires mom-and-pop HVAC and plumbing companies and scales them utilizing its package that helps pinch scheduling and marketing.


Is Nvidia nan adjacent AWS?: Ron writes astir really there’s tons of parallels successful Nvidia’s and AWS’ maturation trajectories.


This week connected Equity, nan unit dug into Robinhood’s caller in installments card, Fisker’s latest woes and moreover Databricks’ caller AI exemplary that it spent $10 cardinal to rotation up. They besides spotlit 2 companies building startups focused astir kids, and, to wrap up, looked astatine a caller $100 cardinal money that seeks to backmost innovative ambiance tech.

Meanwhile, connected Found, Allison Wolff, nan co-founder and CEO of Vibrant Planet, a cloud-based readying and monitoring instrumentality for adaptive onshore management, discussed why nan wildfires we’re seeing coming are hotter and spreading much quickly than we tin incorporate and really due onshore guidance tin thief foster lower, slower-burning fires.

And connected Chain Reaction, Jacquelyn interviewed Scott Dykstra, CTO and co-founder of Space and Time. Space and Time intends to beryllium a verifiable compute furniture for web3 that scales zero-knowledge proofs, a cryptographic action utilized to beryllium thing astir a portion of information without revealing nan root information itself.

Bonus round

Spotify tests online learning: In its ongoing efforts to get its 600 million+ users to walk much clip and money connected its platform, Spotify is spinning up a caller statement of content: e-learning. Beginning pinch a rollout successful nan U.K., nan (traditionally audio) streaming level is testing nan waters for an online acquisition offering of freemium video courses.