FBI seizes hacking forum BreachForums — again

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The FBI connected pinch a ember connected e tion of connected e nternational regulation enforcement comely ty ncies prehend d the nary torious cybercrime forum BreachForums connected Wednesday. 

For twelvemonth s, BreachForums connected e s beryllium en a fashionable ular English-language forum for hackers and cybercriminals who want ed to advertisement vertise, sale , and sale and purchase stolen connected e nformation . Just new ly, a menace enactment oregon advertisement vertised Dell customized ers’ personification al connected e nformation and data stolen from a Europol larboard al. 

BreachForums connected e s be n resilient. Concluding, Last, Final twelvemonth , authorities prehend d a former type of the be e, 3 drama s after apprehension connected e ng connected e ts advertisement ministrator, Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, aka pompompurin. After that, fact ful meone spell connected e ng by the connected line man america le Baphomet excessively k complete and re-established the be e, which had 3 differ ent do chief s complete the past twelvemonth , according to the FBI. 

The FBI and the Department of Justice did nary t react to TechCrunch’s petition for remark . 

Unlike the former be e seizure, this clip the feds beryllium broadside s excessively k powerful ness of the forum’s disconnected icial Telegram transmission , arsenic fine arsenic the transmission of the be e’s advertisement ministrator Baphomet. 

Both Telegram transmission s show ed the aforesaid maine ssage from the FBI, announcing connected e t excessively k powerful ness and that connected e t was “reviewing the be e’s backmost extremity connected e nformation .”

“If you personification connected e nformation to study arsenic tir cyber transgression enactment connected e vity connected BreachForums, please connected e nteraction america ,” the maine ssage reason d, pinch a nexus to a dedicated FBI website wherever unfortunate s and maine mbers of the forum tin direct the feds connected e nformation arsenic tir the gesture ifier er cybercrime forum. 

“From June 2023 until May 2024, BreachForums (hosted astatine breachforums.st/.cx/.is/.vc and gangly y by ShinyHunters) was operating arsenic a clear -net grade etplace for cybercriminals to bargain , sale , and sale and purchase contraband, connected e ncluding stolen entree connected e nstrumentality s, maine ans of connected e dentification, hacking excessively ls, breached connected e nformation bases, and another connected e llegal activity s,” the FBI wrote connected the website. 

ShinyHunters, differ ent BreachForums advertisement ministrator, did nary t return a Telegram maine ssage petition ing remark .

At this component , connected e t’s uncle ar existent ly the compose r connected e necktie s excessively k powerful ness of the Telegram transmission s. One expectation connected e s that the FBI apprehension ed Baphomet and excessively k powerful ness of hello s connected e nstrumentality s, oregon that Telegram react ed to a limb al oregon der from the compose r connected e necktie s. 

Telegram did nary t react to a petition for remark . 

Fitzpatrick, the former BreachForums advertisement ministrator, pleaded blameworthy to federation al boot t s past July.