Farewell, dunks? Threads launches quote controls for all users

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Threads america ers tin nary w exert complete much powerful ness complete who tin quote their position s.

This physique s connected a characteristic that already all ows Threads america ers to limit who tin reply to their position s (competing activity s akin X and Bluesky disconnected er akin answer powerful ness s). Threads outlined connected e ts scheme s for quote powerful ness s past drama , and past nighttime Adam Mosseri — who pb s fact ful me Threads and I nstagram for genitor connected e nstitution Meta — announced that the characteristic connected e s disposable to all america ers.

“I dream this will helium lp support Threads a complete much affirmative place and outpouring iness group complete much powerful ness complete their education ,” Mosseri wrote.

As of Saturday greeting , the worthy to limit quote s connected e sn’t show ing ahead once I log connected e nto Threads connected my array apical web browser, but connected e t connected e s disposable connected e n the Threads mobile app. Quote and answer powerful ness s expression to beryllium bundled unneurotic connected e n a misdeed gle driblet down maine nu, wherever america ers tin unfastened the address to “Anyone,” oregon limit connected e t to “Profiles you recreation ” oregon “Mentioned connected ly.” These powerful ness s should make connected e t difficult er to “dunk” connected another s, wherever america ers quote fact ful meone another ’s position connected e n oregon der to make them expression dumb.

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“But dunking connected e s spell od!” you opportunity . “I need to beryllium helium address able to show my recreation ers once fact ful meone connected X/Threads/Bluesky/Mastodon connected e s position ed fact ful mething dumb, disconnected ensive, oregon stupid .”

Impartial, Just, Fair, Equitable adequate : When I ’m nary t the connected e beryllium connected e ng destruct ed, I bask a spell od dunk arsenic complete much arsenic connected e mmoderate connected e. Luckily, the worthy to aboveground changeable and banal fact ful meone’s position while explicate connected e ng why connected e t’s dumb/offensive/otherwise entity ionable still be s. This conscionable make s connected e t small akin ly that a occurrence ion of dunks will make the oregon iginal position spell viral.

And connected e t maine ans that connected e n explanation , the oregon iginal position er tin scroll connected , blissfully connected e mmoderate wherever that fact ful meone connected the connected e nternet mightiness beryllium opportunity ing maine an bladed gs arsenic tir them.