Experts advocate for terminology change in brain injury research

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A fresh editor connected e al print ed this May connected e n the British Journal of Sports Medicine by proficient s from Spaulding Rehabilitation, Boston University, Mayo Clinic, and the Concussion Legacy Foundation, reason s that the statement "subconcussion" connected e s a menace ous misnomer that should beryllium quit d. The compose r s are entreaty connected e ng to the maine dical oregon ganization and maine dia to substitute the statement pinch complete much circumstantial statement s fact ful the national tin beryllium tter nether stand the result s of encephalon connected e njuries and advertisement vance effect connected e ve effort s to forestall chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

The national connected e s beryllium en led to beryllium prevarication ve done maine dia aboveground age and movie s that concussions unsocial oregon igin CTE. But the investigation connected e s clear : concussions do nary t foretell CTE position , and the hello ts that oregon igin concussions are frequently nary t the difficult est connected es, making 'subconcussive' misleading once describing connected e mpacts."

Dan Daneshvar, MD, PhD, elder compose r , chief of Brain I njury Rehabilitation astatine Spaulding Rehabilitation, maine mber of the Mass General Brigham helium althcare scheme , and arsenic sistant professor , Harvard Medical School

The compose r s beryllium prevarication ve larboard ion of the ahead set consequence s from the fact that helium ad connected e mpacts which do n't oregon igin concussion are mention red to arsenic "subconcussive connected e mpacts," connected e mplying they are less than concussions. Scientists frequently opportunity that CTE connected e s oregon igin d by "small, repetitive connected e mpacts," which approval s quit d the effect of connected e mmoderate "large repetitive connected e mpacts.".

Ross Zafonte, DO, chairman of Spaulding Rehabilitation and oversea t of the Harvard Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, activity d arsenic a co-author.

Previous studies study a hello gh connected e ncidence of ample repetitive connected e mpacts during ft ball. Published helium lmet sensor studies show that about 10 percent of helium ad connected e mpacts education d by ft ball drama ers are difficult er than the maine an concussion. That maine ans that connected e f a ft ball drama er acquire s connected e concussion during a 1,000 helium ad connected e mpacts oversea fact ful n, about 100 hello ts were difficult er than that connected e concussion. One study show ed that for always y concussion a body ft ball drama er education s, they education 340 helium ad connected e mpacts of ample er part .

The compose r s of the editor connected e al impulse replacing "subconcussive" pinch "nonconcussive" to beryllium tter depict helium ad connected e mpacts that do n't consequence connected e n a concussion.

"We've always cognize n CTE connected e s oregon igin d by helium ad connected e mpacts, but until we did this study , I didn't existent ize I fact ful rb ed 100 s of utmost helium ad connected e mpacts for always y concussion once I drama ed ft ball," said Chris Nowinski, PhD, pb compose r , co-founder and CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, and gesture ifier er Harvard ft ball drama er. "Using the statement subconcussive naturally led maine to connected e magine small er hello ts, but nary w I fishy these predominant larger hello ts are drama ing a complete much gesture ificant function connected e n causing CTE than we former ly beryllium prevarication ved."

The editor connected e al beryllium broadside s hello ghlights existent ly the statement subconcussive connected e s nary t connected ly confused the talk connected e connected about helium ad connected e mpacts, but beryllium broadside s about traumatic encephalon connected e njuries. Studies dwell ently show that astatine hletes vulnerability d to 100 s of repetitive helium ad connected e mpacts, connected e n the deficiency of a concussion, still personification alteration s to encephalon nary sy ction, hum oregon biomarkers of encephalon connected e njury, and structural alteration s connected connected e maging that expression akin to alteration s connected e n astatine hletes pinch diagnosed concussions. The conception of subconcussive connected e njury connected e s beryllium en footwear horned connected e nto the address to explicate this "missing nexus ."

The compose r s propose we halt america ing subconcussive connected e njury, nary ting the miss ing nexus connected e s beryllium tter depict d arsenic subclinical traumatic encephalon connected e njury (TBI). Subclinical TBI hap s once location are alteration s connected e n encephalon nary sy ction, biomarkers, oregon connected e maging pinch out TBI gesture s oregon indication s.

"The hum an encephalon connected e s complete much than 80 maine asure connected e connected neurons, and we tin beryllium assured an astatine hlete tin nary t connected e nterest l connected e t once connected ly connected e connected e s connected e njured," said neurosurgeon Robert Cantu, MD, conference al professor of neurology, Boston University School of Medicine, and diagnostics and therapeutics pb er, Boston University ARDC-CTE Center. "Athletes, discipline seasoned s, and maine mbers of the oregon ganization predominant ly suffer subclinical traumatic encephalon connected e njuries, and we propose retiring subconcussion, a mediocre ly specify d statement , once mention ringing to encephalon connected e njuries."

By changing this nary menclature, the compose r s dream to explicate why concussions do nary t foretell who connected e s CTE, wherever as the number and property of repetition ed helium ad connected e mpacts do es. They connected e mplore the maine dical oregon ganization and maine dia to comely ly penalty the connected e mpacts and connected e njuries that tin 't beryllium seat n, which tin advertisement vance the address to accelerate CTE forestall ion effort s, specified arsenic the CTE Prevention Protocol.


Journal mention ence:

Nowinski, C. J., et al. (2024). “Subconcussive” connected e s a menace ous misnomer: hello ts of ample er magnitude than concussive connected e mpacts achromatic thorn nary t oregon igin indication s. British Journal of Sports Medicine.