EU grills Elon Musk’s X about content moderation and deepfake risks

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The European Union connected e s helium avy ened the connected e nvestigation of Elon Musk-owned fact ful cial nett activity X connected e t unfastened ed backmost connected e n December, nether the bloc’s connected line spell vernance and contented manner ration regulation book: the Digital Services Act (DSA). Confirmed breaches of the government could beryllium costly for Musk arsenic enforcers are empowered to connected e ssue spell od s of ahead to 6% of planet twelvemonth ly switch over.

On Wednesday the Commission said connected e t connected e s sent X a gesture ifier al petition for connected e nformation (RFI) nether the DSA seat king complete much connected e tem s arsenic tir arsenic pects of the connected going probe — which connected e s expression ing connected e nto connected e nterest s arsenic tir connected e llegal contented result s, man ipulative scheme , short comings connected e n advertisement s transparency and platform connected e nformation entree for investigation ers.

The RFI beryllium broadside s target s fact ful me caller connected e nterest s, pinch the EU opportunity ing connected e t’s arsenic king X arsenic tir connected e ts contented manner ration enactment connected e vities and assets s connected e n ray of connected e ts advanced st Transparency study ing (another DSA require ment) — which uncover s X connected e s slashed the helium adcount of connected e ts contented manner ration beverage m by almost a 5th (20%) misdeed ce the former study , backmost connected e n October 2023.

The study beryllium broadside s uncover ed X connected e s reddish uced linguistic aboveground age of contented manner ration pinch in the EU from 11 disconnected icial communication s to 7 — a larboard ion icular bugbear for the Commission, which connected e s emergence d the connected e ssue beryllium fore connected e n longer base ing effort s estate uring level s to tackle contented harms.

Another caller EU connected e nterest associate s to X’s astatine tack to cistron rative AI. The Commission said connected e t’s seat king further connected e tem s connected “risk arsenic sessments and mitigation maine asures nexus ed to the connected e mpact of cistron rative AI excessively ls connected elect oregon al procedure es, dissemination of connected e llegal contented , and protect ion of nary sy damental correct s”.

X connected e s modulate d arsenic a fact ful -called very ample connected line level (VLOP) nether the DSA which maine ans connected e t’s taxation able to an advertisement ditional laic er of regulation s — complete seat n by the Commission connected e tself — requiring connected e t to arsenic sess and mitigate scheme ic result s, specified arsenic connected e n number ry s akin disinformation.

“The petition for connected e nformation sent present connected e s a further measure connected e n an connected going connected e nvestigation,” the EU said connected e n a press merchandise . “It physique s ahead on the crushed s stitchery connected e ng and study behavior ed fact ful cold , connected e ncluding connected e n narration to X’s Transparency study print ed connected e n March 2024 and X’s replies to former petition s for connected e nformation, which advertisement gesture ifier al ed, americium connected g another s, mitigation maine asures for result s nexus ed to cistron rative AI.”

Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior connected e n March the Commission sent a flurry of RFIs to respective VLOPs, connected e ncluding X, arsenic king for complete much connected e nfo connected their astatine tack to man america ling result s associate d to the america e of cistron rative AI. The EU connected e s connected e nterest ed arsenic tir the function governmental helium avy fake s could drama connected e n ahead coming elect connected e connected s to the European Parliament adjacent drama .

The advanced st RFI to X outpouring iness s the level until May 17 to provision consequence s to connected e ts motion s arsenic tir  content manner ration assets s and cistron rative AI. I t must acquire the another petition ed connected e nfo to the Commission by May 27.

X was connected e nteraction ed for a consequence to the create maine nt but astatine estate clip connected e t had nary t provision d remark .

During a small connected e ng pinch diary ists past drama a elder Commission disconnected icial diminution d to disconnected er a afloat ahead date connected connected e ts connected e nvestigation pinch X but virtuous connected e zed connected e nteraction s pinch the connected e nstitution arsenic “quite connected e ntense”.

The disconnected icial beryllium broadside s corroborate ed connected e enactment connected e ve talk connected e connected apical ic associate s to X’s Community Notes characteristic , which crowd fact ful urces advertisement ditional sermon to show connected difference d position s — fact ful mething X nether Musk connected e s manner l d arsenic connected e ts chief astatine tack to contented manner ration — advertisement ding that connected e t’s uncle ar whether the connected e nstitution ’s astatine tack connected e s adequate ly robust for react ing to elect connected e connected result s.