Esophageal cancer surgery: Standard and keyhole incisions show similar outcomes

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New investigation has recovered nary grounds of a quality betwixt betterment clip and complications erstwhile comparing modular and keyhole surgical incisions for nan curen of esophageal crab (cancer of nan gullet). The study, led by nan University of Bristol Medical School and published successful nan British Journal of Surgery, showed surgeons treating patients pinch esophageal crab do not request to alteration their believe if they person a beardown penchant for either process type.

Esophageal crab is nan tenth astir communal crab globally. It causes 1 successful 18 cancer-related deaths. If only nan esophagus and section lymph nodes are affected surgeons usually execute a process called an esophagectomy. This intends they region nan esophagus to effort and cure nan cancer. The 2 astir communal ways of doing this usage either modular incisions (two ample cuts) aliases 'keyhole' incisions (one ample trim and respective mini ones)

The ROMIO study was funded by nan National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). It progressive patients being randomly assigned to 2 groups. One of nan groups had modular room (263 people) and nan different had keyhole room (264 people).

Researchers recovered nary differences betwixt nan groups successful narration to:

  • recovery 3 months aft surgery, arsenic measured by diligent completed questionnaires astir beingness function
  • how often patients developed complications and really terrible nan complications were
  • the grade to which nan crab was removed (it was arsenic good removed successful some groups)

Chris Metcalfe, Professor of Medical Statistics astatine Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences (PHS), said: "Our study didn't corroborate findings from erstwhile trials, which suggested that minimally invasive approaches to esophagectomy reduced nan number of complications patients would develop.

"We recovered nary grounds of differences betwixt modular and keyhole approaches successful narration to short-term objective outcomes aliases diligent reported betterment of beingness usability complete 3 months. There was nary beardown grounds that nan costs of NHS resources successful nan first 3 months differed betwixt nan 2 approaches to nan procedure.

"We will study astir nan longer-term betterment (24-month follow-up) and wellness of ROMIO participants successful a abstracted publication. We will besides people nan findings from a nested study connected wholly keyhole surgery."

These results show america that betterment aft this type of awesome room is not influenced by nan type of incision utilized by surgeons, contempt anterior beliefs that nan keyhole attack is amended than modular incisions.

Future investigation is now needed to cautiously measure robotic surgical techniques for esophageal crab surgery."

Jane Blazeby, Professor of Surgery successful nan Bristol Medical School: PHS


Journal reference:

Desai, P. B., et al. (2024) Laparoscopic aliases unfastened abdominal room pinch thoracotomy for patients pinch oesophageal cancer: ROMIO randomized objective trial. British Journal of Surgery.


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