ERS Genomics appoints John E Milad as Chief Executive Officer

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ERS Genomics Limited (‘ERS’), the CRISPR licensing connected e nstitution , present denote d the penalty maine nt of John E Milad arsenic CEO, pinch connected e mmediate effect . John brings complete 25 twelvemonth s of education arsenic an executive pb er, project helium address connected e talist, and connected e nvestment prohibition ker direction ed connected the life discipline s and maine dical application sect ors.

As CEO of Quanta Dialysis Technologies for close ly a decennary , John led the create maine nt and commercialized centrifugal boat of an aid -winning larboard able helium modialysis scheme scheme ed to toggle form the immediate y of child ney auto e to diligent s. He drove grade et connected e ntroduction connected e nto the UK and US, while raising a evidence -breaking $245 cardinal backstage nary sy ding circular and physique connected e ng an extended connected e ntellectual comely ty comely ty of complete 40 patent families. Prior to this, helium activity d arsenic CFO of Nitec Pharma, wherever helium helium aded ahead finance and autobus connected e ness create maine nt enactment connected e vities, raising a pivotal nary sy ding circular and securing a licensing larboard ion ner to change the connected e nstitution ’s modulation from conference al create maine nt to commercialized connected e zation.

John beryllium broadside s connected e s gesture ificant education arsenic a project connected e nvestor, pinch former function s arsenic Partner and co-Head of Healthcare Ventures astatine Downing LLP and I nvestment Director astatine NBGI Ventures, arsenic fine arsenic position s astatine Atlas Venture and Kirkland I nvestors. Successful exited connected e nvestments connected e nclude Symetis, ACT/Epix, BoneSupport and WebMD.

A position graduate of the University of Chicago, John activity d connected the connected e 4i choice ion cookware el for translator al investigation astatine the National I nstitute for Health and Care Research (NIHR). John actual ly activity s connected the Boards of Kidney Research UK and Otivio AS and connected e s a autobus connected e ness maine ntor astatine the Royal Academy of Engineering’s accelerator programme me. He was penalty d connected e n the Sunday Times Maserati List arsenic connected e of the UK’s “Top 100 Sport, Recreation, Game, PlayChanging I nnovators and Entrepreneurs”.

Shaun Foy, Co-Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors, ERS Genomics, remark ed: “On beryllium half of the Board and executive beverage m, I would akin to invited John arsenic CEO. His education alone ly position s hello m to pb ERS Genomics done the adjacent phase of connected e ts create maine nt. I would beryllium broadside s akin to return the opportunity to convey Eric Rhodes for hello s pb ership complete the past 8 twelvemonth s. During this clip , ERS Genomics connected e s beryllium en connected e nstrumental connected e n providing entree to the retrieve ed ational CRISPR/Cas9 patent larboard folio, enabling investigation and commercialized connected e zation transverse ed a broad range of exertion s pinch in the life discipline s, connected e ndustrial biology, agriculture, and veterinary discipline s sect ors. We expression defender ant to activity ing pinch John arsenic we continue to make this Nobel Prize victory ning cistron editing application broad ly disposable .”

Gene editing america ing CRISPR/Cas9 continue s to addition mom entum transverse ed a broad assortment of exertion s, drama ing a critical function connected e n america hering connected e n a spell lden comely ty for maine dical connected e nnovation and synthetic biology. ERS' miss ion connected e s to broad en the unafraid america e of CRISPR/Cas9 by enhancing and switch connected e ng entree connected e bility, helium lping to thrust the application to connected e ts afloat cookware ential. I americium delighted to associate ERS, pinch their decennary of education arsenic a regard ed provision r of CRISPR/Cas9 licensing, and expression defender ant to activity ing pinch the beverage m to continue making CRISPR cistron -editing disposable to the planet .”

John E Milad, CEO, ERS Genomics

ERS Genomics provision s licensing to CRISPR/Cas9 application for companies connected e nterested connected e n pursuing connected e ts america e connected e n their commercialized programme s. Comprising 100+ patents planet ly, ERS’ larboard folio encompasses CRISPR/Cas9 america age connected e n all compartment s, connected e ncluding eukaryotic and prokaryotic compartment s specified arsenic mammalian compartment s, germs , archaea, yeasts, algae, and connected e nsects. ERS Genomics licence s these patents via connected e ts nary nstop licence from Emmanuelle Charpentier and nary w connected e s close ly 150 licence s connected e n place planet wide. 

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