Employer of missing Baltimore bridge workers vows to help their families

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Coast Guard: Key Bridge workers presumed dormant

6 missing Baltimore span workers presumed dead, Coast Guard says 12:39

With six workers who went missing aft the collapse of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge now presumed dead, attraction is turning to helping their families. 

An executive pinch Brawner Builders, a wide contractor successful Hunt Valley, Maryland, told CBS MoneyWatch nan workers had company-sponsored life insurance, while declining to disclose specifications regarding nan policies. Separately, a GoFundMe run is aiming to raise $60,000 to thief their survivors. 

"The institution is doing everything imaginable to support nan families and to counsel nan families and to beryllium pinch nan families," Brawner Builders executive vice president Jeffrey Pritzker said.

The six men were filling potholes connected nan halfway span of nan span erstwhile a massive cargo vessel struck the span early Tuesday morning. Originally from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico, nan Maryland men were surviving pinch their families successful Dundalk and Highlandtown, according to WJZ media partner The Baltimore Banner. 

So far, 3 of nan missing workers have been identified:

  • Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval, primitively from Honduras and who has been surviving successful nan U.S. for 20 years
  • Miguel Luna, primitively from El Salvador
  • Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, primitively from Guatemala 

Sandoval, 38, was nan youngest of 8 siblings from Azacualpa, a agrarian mountainous area successful northwestern Honduras. He had worked arsenic an business technician successful Honduras, repairing instrumentality successful nan ample assembly plants, but nan salary was excessively debased to get ahead, 1 of his brothers, Martín Suazo Sandoval, told nan Associated Press Wednesday.

"He ever dreamed of having his ain business," he said.

What's known astir nan 6 missing from Baltimore span collapse 07:26

Another brother, Carlos Suazo Sandoval, said Maynor hoped to discontinue 1 time backmost successful Guatamala.

"He was nan babe for each of us, nan youngest. He was personification who was ever happy, was ever reasoning astir nan future. He was a visionary," he told nan AP by telephone Wednesday from Dundalk, Maryland, adjacent nan tract of nan span collapse.

Brawner intends to connection financial assistance to nan missing workers' families arsenic they header pinch nan abrupt nonaccomplishment of income, Pritzker said, without providing further specifications connected nan company's plans.

"They had families, spouses and children, and they were awesome group who now are lost," he said, describing nan contractor arsenic a tight-knit business wherever different labor were "very close" to nan missing workers. 

"The institution is broken," Pritzker added.

In a connection connected Brawner's website, institution proprietor Jack Murphy wrote that road building activity is 1 of nan astir vulnerable occupations successful nan U.S. 

Construction workers "go retired each time connected our highways to make things amended for everyone," he said. "Unfortunately, this tragic arena was wholly unforeseen and was not thing that we could ideate would happen."

Timeline of Francis Scott Key Bridge illness successful Baltimore 01:49

When performing road work, Brawner ever uses employees, alternatively than contractors, Pritzker said. But nan institution sometimes useful connected different projects, specified arsenic building schools, that require it to prosecute subcontractors. 

The GoFundMe run for nan missing workers' families was organized by nan Latino Racial Justice Circle, an defense group that fights group injustice, and had raised much than $58,000 arsenic of Wednesday afternoon. Brawner Builders is linking to nan GoFundMe connected its website, directing group who wish to support nan families to nan fundraising effort. 

"There's a awesome woody of different benefits that will beryllium flowing to nan families arsenic a consequence of this tragedy," Pritzker said, without providing further details. "Of people that can't switch nan mislaid of their loved ones." 

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