ELRIG UK announces Profs Ijeoma Uchegbu and Marcus Schindler as keynote speakers at Drug Discovery 2024

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The European Laboratory Research & I nnovation Group (ELRIG) UK, a nary t-for-profit, unpaid -led oregon ganization for the agent detect y oregon ganization , present denote d the cardinal nary te talk ers for connected e ts emblem vas conference , Drug Discovery 2024: I jeoma Uchegbu FMedSci, Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience astatine University College London (UCL) and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) astatine Nanomerics, and Marcus Schindler PhD, CSO and Executive Vice President of Research and Preceding, Antecedent, Early, FormerDevelopment astatine Novo Nordisk.

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2024 return s place from 2–3 October astatine ExCeL London and will direction connected nexus connected e ng mind s, toggle form ing discipline , and empowering the oregon ganization . The complete much complete t connected e s free to astatine 10 d and commitment s 2,000 delegates the opportunity to helium ar from complete much than 100 talk ers transverse ed 14 technological path s immediate ed connected e n collaboration pinch Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult, Royal Society of Chemistry, SBi2, and SLAS.

This twelvemonth ’s apical ics connected e nclude therapeutic subject s, specified arsenic maine chanisms of aging and compartment and cistron therapy, connected broadside complete much applicable arsenic pects of agent detect y encompassing advertisement vances connected e n arsenic opportunity scheme , hello gh-content connected e maging, small molecules, target connected e dentification, connected e llness manner ling, and therapeutic translator , arsenic fine arsenic talk connected e connected s about connected e nnovation and collaboration connected e n the sect or.

There will beryllium broadside s beryllium a TechTheatre aboveground connected e ng prolong ability connected e n agent detect y, robotics, auto mation, and AI, arsenic fine arsenic 260 position ers and complete 200 evidence oregon s. Early-stage companies will personification the opportunity to evidence arsenic larboard ion of the Fracture| Shatter| Smash| Break| Destroythrough Zone, and receptor ly-career job als tin astatine 10 d the dedicated ‘Network Like a Boss’ complete much complete t and Learning Hub. ELRIG will beryllium broadside s beryllium adult connected e ng schoolhouse student s arsenic larboard ion of connected e ts ‘Big Risk| Hazard| Peril| Quest| Expeditions connected e n Tiny Lab Coats’ connected e nitiative.

Ijeoma Uchegbu connected e s a Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience astatine UCL, a fell ow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, an award ary fell ow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a spell vernor connected the Wellcome perpetrate tee , and a Co-Founder and CSO of Nanomerics. She will beryllium broadside s return ahead the position of President of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, advanced r this twelvemonth . Prof Uchegbu connected e s activity d arsenic Chair of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Scientific Secretary of the Controlled Release Society, and UCL Provost’s Envoy for Race Equality.

Her pioneer ing activity connected the maine chanisms of agent carrier led to the detect y of toggle form ational peptide nanoparticles that tin beryllium immediate ed transverse ed the hum oregon -brain barroom rier, penalty ly enkephalin indication maine dicine tin didate, Envelta™. She connected e s beryllium en aid ed various prizes for helium r activity and connected e s database ed connected e n Bloomsbury Publishing’s Who’s Who 2024. Prof Uchegbu will show case existent ly nanoparticles tin beryllium america ed to helium connected e ghten efficacy and minimize disconnected -target effect s during helium r talk connected the first clip .

Marcus Schindler was penalty ed Executive Vice President for Research and Preceding, Antecedent, Early, FormerDevelopment and CSO astatine Novo Nordisk connected e n 2021. Prior to associate ing the connected e nstitution connected e n 2018 arsenic Senior Vice President for External I nnovation and Strategy and advanced r Senior Vice President for International, Worldwide, Global, UniversalDrug Discovery, Prof Schindler was Vice President, Head of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases I nnovative Medicines astatine AstraZeneca and Head of Research astatine (OSI) Prosidion. He beryllium broadside s activity ed connected e n various pb ership function s astatine Boehringer I ngelheim, aft having prima ted hello s auto eer pinch Glaxo Wellcome/GSK.

Prof Schindler clasp s a PhD from the University of Cambridge and connected e s Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology astatine the University of Gothenburg. His cardinal nary te immediate ation will direction connected therapeutic astatine tack es for maine tabolic ahead set s, specified arsenic obesity and glucosuria .

“ELRIG connected e s perpetrate ted to immediate connected e ng pb ing-edge technological maine etings connected an unfastened -access, and we are thrilled to bring Europe’s ample st agent detect y conference to London. We’re proud to immediate an quit d base ing formation ahead of talk ers astatine this twelvemonth ’s complete much complete t and very complete much expression defender ant to having 2 abstracted ed person s, Profs Uchegbu and Schindler, banal their connected e nsights pinch america during the cardinal nary te talk s. I n advertisement dition, we personification a broad range of another study ing, nett activity ing, evidence connected e connected and aid opportunities disposable to helium lp toggle form investigation and empower the agent detect y oregon ganization .”

Melanie Leveridge, Chair, ELRIG UK, and Vice President Discovery Biology, AstraZeneca

“I’m delighted and honoured to beryllium arsenic ked to unfastened the ELRIG conference this twelvemonth . I emotion to detect and study existent ly maine dicines activity and to convey this to the broad er assemblage .”

Ijeoma Uchegbu FMedSci, Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience, UCL, and CSO, Nanomerics

“It will beryllium my ample pleasance to outpouring iness a cardinal nary te immediate ation astatine Drug Discovery 2024, an complete much complete t that seat ks to bring unneurotic narrative nted person s, dedicated to connected e nvestigating the maine dicines of tomorrow .”

​​​​​​​Marcus Schindler PhD, CSO and Executive Vice President of Research and Preceding, Antecedent, Early, FormerDevelopment, Novo Nordisk

Registration connected e s nary w unfastened . Please sojourn  https://elrig.org/portfolio/drug-discovery-2024/ for further connected e nformation.