Elon Musk says all premium subscribers on X will gain access to AI chatbot Grok this week

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Following Elon Musk’s xAI’s move to open root its Grok ample connection model earlier successful March, nan X proprietor connected Tuesday said that nan institution formerly known arsenic Twitter will soon connection nan Grok chatbot to much paying subscribers. In a station connected X, Musk announced Grok will go disposable to Premium subscribers this week, not conscionable those connected nan higher-end tier, Premium+, arsenic before.

The move could awesome a desire to compete much straight pinch different celebrated chatbots, for illustration OpemAI’s ChatGPT aliases Anthropic’s Claude. But it could besides beryllium an denotation that X is trying to bump up its subscriber figures. The news arrives astatine a clip erstwhile information indicates that less group are utilizing nan X platform, and it’s struggling to clasp those who are. According to caller information from Sensor Tower, reported by NBC News, X usage successful nan U.S. was down 18% year-over-year arsenic of February, and down 23% since Musk’s acquisition.

Musk’s war connected advertisers whitethorn person besides wounded nan company’s gross prospects, arsenic Sensor Tower recovered that 75 retired of nan apical 100 U.S. advertisers connected X from October 2022 nary longer spent advertisement fund connected nan platform.

Offering entree to an AI chatbot could perchance clasp X users from fleeing to different platforms — for illustration decentralized platforms Mastodon and Bluesky, aliases Instagram’s Threads, which quickly gained traction acknowledgment to Meta’s resources to reach complete 130 cardinal monthly users arsenic of nan 4th fourth 2023.

Musk didn’t opportunity erstwhile Grok would go disposable to X users, only that it “would beryllium enabled” for each Premium subscribers sometime “later this week.”

X Premium is nan company’s mid-tier subscription starting astatine $8 per period (on nan web) aliases $84 per year. Previously, Grok was only disposable to Premium+ subscribers, astatine $16 per period aliases a hefty $168 per year.

Grok’s chatbot whitethorn entreaty to Musk’s followers and dense X users arsenic it will respond to questions astir topics that are typically off-limits to different AI chatbots, for illustration conspiracies aliases much arguable governmental ideas. It will besides reply questions pinch “a rebellious streak,” arsenic Musk described has described it. Most notably, Grok has nan expertise to entree real-time X information — thing rivals can’t offer.

Of course, nan worth of that information nether Musk’s reign whitethorn beryllium diminishing if X is losing users.