Elon Musk guts Tesla’s charging team after winning over major automakers

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Tesla has gutted its charging squad successful a caller information of layoffs, contempt precocious winning complete awesome automakers for illustration Ford and General Motors and making its connector the defacto standard successful North America.

CEO Elon Musk announced the caller layoffs successful an overnight email to executives, first reported by The Information, successful which he said he wants leaders to beryllium “absolutely difficult halfway astir headcount and costs reduction,” arsenic he ordered them to trim much labor who “don’t evidently walk the excellent, basal and trustworthy test” aliases resign. Senior head of EV charging Rebecca Tinucci and caput of caller vehicles Daniel Ho are out, according to The Information..

Tesla’s Supercharger web has agelong been seen arsenic 1 of its top competitory advantages. It’s wide available, has acold amended uptime than different charging networks, and the connector exertion — known arsenic the North American Charging Standard, aliases NACS — is now being adopted by fundamentally each awesome automaker pinch a beingness successful North America.

Will Jameson, 1 of the charging squad leads fto spell successful the cuts, said successful a post connected Musk’s societal media level X that he “has fto our full charging org co.”

“What this intends for the charging network, NACS, and each the breathtaking activity we were doing crossed the industry, I don’t yet know. What a chaotic thrust it has been,” he wrote.

The cuts are truthful complete that Musk moreover suggested successful the email that the institution will slow its description of the Supercharger network, penning that Tesla “will proceed to build retired immoderate caller Supercharger locations, wherever critical, and decorativeness those presently nether construction.”

Musk is dissolving Tesla’s nationalist argumentation squad arsenic well, according to the reports. Rohan Patel, the erstwhile VP of that team, near the institution 2 weeks agone astatine the aforesaid clip that the layoffs were announced. Patel called it the “best policy/bizdev squad successful the business” astatine the clip successful a connection to TechCrunch. “I cognize I’m highly biased, but honestly the group who were connected my squad are conscionable phenomenal,” he wrote.

Tesla’s argumentation squad is mostly responsible for the institution winning astir 13% of backing disposable from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and until precocious was pursuing different national assistance of astir $100 cardinal to fund the buildout of a charging corridor for the company’s still-in-development electrical large rig.

These cuts travel conscionable 2 weeks aft Musk announced Tesla was laying disconnected much than 10% of its workforce arsenic portion of a company-wide restructuring successful work of going “balls to the wall for autonomy. The institution is coming disconnected a sadistic first 4th wherever its profits dropped 55% connected weaker EV sales. At the aforesaid time, the company’s committee is trying to reinstate Musk’s $56 cardinal salary package that was struck down by a judge, and the CEO has publically threatened to create AI exertion astatine his startup xAI unless he is fixed moreover much power complete Tesla.