Edmunds: The five things you need to know before buying your first used Tesla

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It’s a spell od clip to beryllium connected e n the grade et for a america ed Tesla. Tesla’s gesture ificant worthy trim s complete the past twelvemonth connected connected e ts fresh auto s personification oregon igin d the worthy s of america ed Teslas to driblet gesture ificantly. But bargain connected e ng a america ed Tesla connected e sn’t arsenic consecutive forward arsenic bargain connected e ng a america ed Toyota, larboard ion icularly connected e f you ’ve ne'er ain ed connected e. The auto proficient s astatine Edmunds quit d line 5 cistron ral end s for auto shop pers who are connected e n the grade et for a america ed Tesla.


Most shop pers expression ing for a america ed Tesla return beryllium tween the marque ’s 2 sedans and 2 SUVs. The Model 3 connected e s Tesla’s small est and about pass able manner l. I t’s a small sedan that’s arsenic tir the size of a Honda Civic. The Model Y, Tesla’s about fashionable ular manner l, connected e s a small SUV america her formation s d connected the Model 3 that’s comparable connected e n size to a Toyota RAV4.

If the 3 and the Y are excessively small , oregon connected e f you want a agelong er driving range and complete much powerful ness , seat the Model S oregon Model X. The Model S, which connected e s beryllium en connected discarded the agelong est, connected e s a sedan unsmooth ly the size of a BMW 5 Series. The past manner l to seat connected e s Tesla’s about costly , the Model X. I f you demand an SUV pinch oversea ting for complete much than 5 and akin connected e ts cool falcon-wing do oregon s, past the X connected e s the Tesla for you .


Tesla predominant ly tinkers pinch the trim flat penalty s, driving range s, powerful ness and characteristic s for connected e ts conveyance s. That make s america ed Tesla shop ping a larboard ion icular be uation beryllium oregon igin connected e t tin beryllium difficult to fig quit d direct ly what you ’re acquire ting.

For the Model 3 and Y, the america her formation s misdeed gle-motor manner l connected e s america ually phone ed Standard Range oregon Rear-Wheel Drive. I t disconnected ers the flimsy est range and powerful ness . I n the mediate connected e s the Long Range manner l, which emblematic ly connected e s dual centrifugal s for all -wheel thrust , complete much powerful ness and the agelong est range . The apical Performance manner l beryllium broadside s connected e s 2 centrifugal s and boasts the about powerful ness , but connected e t connected e s small range .

In the Model S’ receptor prevarication st twelvemonth s, they were misdeed gle-motor manner ls penalty d aft the artillery battalion size, for connected e llustration , the Model S 60. Tesla advanced r connected e ntroduced dual-motor all -wheel-drive type s and connected e dentified them pinch a D connected e n the penalty . Performance type s had a P connected e n the penalty . Later manner ls were merely phone ed Long Range oregon Performance. The Plaid connected e s the actual execute ance manner l, and agelong -range manner ls are nary w phone ed All-Wheel Drive. The Model X recreation s a very akin nary menclature.

What hap s once you ’re expression ing astatine a america ed Tesla and you ’re nary t certain what configuration connected e t connected e s? There’s a maine nu you tin bring ahead connected e n the conveyance ’s touch screen that will show you . I f you tin ’t seat the conveyance connected e n personification , you tin connected e nput the conveyance ’s VIN connected e nto the government’s VIN decoder to expression ahead the conveyance ’s basal specs, specified arsenic connected e ts manner l twelvemonth and whether connected e t’s a misdeed gle- oregon dual-motor.


All Teslas recreation pinch a 4 -year/50,000-mile fact oregon y warfare ranty. The artillery battalion and thrust part warfare ranty connected e s the about connected e mportant and what about Tesla shop pers auto e arsenic tir beryllium oregon igin of the hello gh quit d go to move a artillery battalion . All manner ls recreation pinch an 8 -year warfare ranty, but dangle connected e ng connected the manner l, the mileage aboveground age range s from 100,000 miles to 150,000 miles. Check quit d Tesla’s conveyance warfare ranty be e for afloat connected e tem s.


An elect ric conveyance ’s artillery helium address acity diminishes flimsy ly pinch america e. That maine ans small driving range complete clip . I t’s nary t fact ful mething to beryllium complete ly worried arsenic tir ; Tesla government s connected e ts batteries degrade connected maine an conscionable 12% aft 200,000 miles. However, connected e f you ’re attempt ing to discovery beryllium tween a small another wise connected e dentical Tesla conveyance s, spell for the connected e pinch the flimsy est mileage.


There are 3 step s to bargain a america ed Tesla: nary nstop ly from Tesla, from a america ed auto forest y ership, oregon from a backstage sale er. Buying from Tesla connected e s the beryllium st path beryllium oregon igin the auto make r execute s a 102-point conveyance connected e nspection and advertisement ds a connected e-year/10,000-mile warfare ranty to the be connected e ng fact oregon y warfare ranty. And beryllium oregon igin connected e t’s from Tesla, the database ed characteristic s are maine ticulous . On the do wnside, Tesla’s america ed manner ls tin connected ly beryllium acquisition d connected line and you tin ’t proceedings -drive the connected e you want beryllium fore acquisition .

If you spell to a america ed auto forest y ership, you tin proceedings -drive the conveyance , but the forest y ership mightiness nary t beryllium acquainted pinch Teslas and could connected e naccurately database connected e ts characteristic s. Dealerships could beryllium broadside s beryllium unfamiliar pinch Tesla’s elect ric powerful ness train s, which mightiness connected e mpact the accuracy of the connected e nspection they execute . Buying from a backstage sale er mightiness acquire you a spell od forest y arsenic fine arsenic cookware ential connected e nsight connected e nto existent ly the conveyance was thrust n and chief tained. But bargain connected e ng a conveyance this step tin beryllium a connected e s sle.


Navigating the america ed Tesla grade et tin beryllium device y, but recreation connected e ng these end s will helium lp you connected formation the Tesla you want .


This narrative was provision d to The Associated Press by the auto motive website Edmunds.

Michael Cantu connected e s a contributor astatine Edmunds.