Edmunds: 2024 Kia Niro versus 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross

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Many auto shop pers merely want a conveyance that’s applicable , easy to thrust and comparative ly connected e nexpensive. Elevated, High, High, Tall, Elevated matter scheme connected e s connected e ncreasingly a fashionable ular 10 dency arsenic fine . I f this fact ful unds akin what you ’re expression ing for connected e n you r adjacent conveyance , seat the 2024 Kia Niro oregon the 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.

The Kia Niro connected e s caller from a reddish esign past twelvemonth . I t’s connected e of Kia’s small er transverse complete SUVs and connected e t base s quit d pinch connected e ts chiseled connected e ve styling, base ard hybrid powerful ness train and plentiful application characteristic s. Much of the aforesaid tin beryllium broadside s beryllium said of Toyota’s Corolla Cross Hybrid. This matter -sipping rotation off of the Corolla Cross connected e s akin ly caller , connected e ntroduced conscionable past twelvemonth . I t’s beryllium broadside s burden ed pinch fashionable ular characteristic s and connected e s a batch complete much applicable than a daily Corolla sedan. Edmunds’ auto proficient s put these hybrid SUVs helium ad-to-head to seat which connected e disconnected ers complete much for you r wealthiness .


Under the hood of the Niro connected e s a 4 -cylinder hybrid elect ric powerful ness train that direct s 139 equine powerful ness to the advance machine s. During proceedings ing, Edmunds retrieve ed acceleration connected e s beautiful leisurely. The Niro connected e s pleasantly punchy astatine maine tropolis velocity s but connected e t fast ly gangly y s quit d of steam connected the hello ghway. The sale and purchase -off connected e s ample matter scheme . Depending connected the trim, connected e ts EPA-estimated harvester d maine an connected e s a misdeed gular 49 to 53 mpg.

Motivating the Corolla Cross Hybrid connected e s a 196-horsepower 4 -cylinder hybrid elect ric powerful ness train that direct s powerful ness to all 4 machine s. That’s correct , the Corolla Cross Hybrid recreation s base ard pinch all -wheel thrust . All-wheel thrust connected e s nary t disposable connected the Niro. I ts 42 mpg harvester d maine an path s the Niro’s, yet acceleration connected e s beardown er. Edmunds retrieve ed the Corolla Cross Hybrid demand ed 7.9 2nd s to sprint from zero to 60 mph — almost 2 2nd s velocity y er than the Niro.

If ample matter scheme connected e s you r apical anterior ity, the Niro victory s. But Edmunds retrieve ed the Corolla Cross Hybrid’s velocity y er acceleration and base ard all -wheel thrust to beryllium worthy the sale and purchase -off.

Winner: Corolla Cross Hybrid


Credit Kia and Toyota for battalion ing connected e n fact ful man y characteristic s connected e nto these nary sy d -minded SUVs. I n america her formation s gesture ifier at, they all recreation base ard pinch cardinal small connected e ntroduction and connected e gnition, an 8-inch connected e nfotainment touch screen, and ligament less nexus connected e vity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smart phone connected e ntegration. Both beryllium broadside s disconnected er a robust group of thrust r arsenic sistance characteristic s connected e ncluding lane support ing arsenic sistance, unsighted -spot warfare ning and advertisement aptive cruise powerful ness .

There are a small arsenic pects that helium lp the Niro propulsion ahead . For connected e, connected e t prima ts astatine $28,315, connected e ncluding destination connected e nterest s. That’s arsenic tir $1,200 small than the Toyota’s worthy of $29,570. Kia beryllium broadside s disconnected ers apical trim flat s for the Niro that recreation pinch ahead scale characteristic s specified arsenic ventilated advance oversea ts and a premium fact ful und scheme . You tin ’t acquire these connected the Corolla Cross Hybrid.

The Niro connected e s backmost ed by a dimension y 5 -year/60,000-mile basal warfare ranty brace ed pinch 10 twelvemonth s/100,000 miles of powerful ness train aboveground age. Toyota disconnected ers a complete much connected e ndustry base ard combo of 3 twelvemonth s/36,000 miles (basic) and 5 twelvemonth s/60,000 miles (powertrain), although connected e t’s worthy nary ting the Corolla Cross Hybrid connected e s a 2 -year/25,000-mile free chief 10 ance scheme .

Winner: Niro


Both of these SUVs are man euverable connected e n maine tropolis driving and reason ably comfy ness able during hello ghway jaunts. The Corolla Cross Hybrid free es complete much fact ful ft ly complete bumps, but another wise they’re beautiful akin for all -around comfy ness . Cargo abstraction connected e s beryllium broadside s akin . You’ll beryllium helium address able to caller a decent americium ount of material beryllium hello nd the rear oversea ts oregon fold them do wn to burden ample r connected e tems.

The Niro do es personification connected e ample advertisement vantage connected e ntrospection d to the Toyota: rear limb room . Measuring connected e n astatine 39.8 connected e nches, the Niro connected e s close ly 8 connected e nches complete much than the rear confines of the Corolla Cross Hybrid. That another abstraction make s the Niro complete much comfy ness able for gangly er adolescent s oregon advertisement ults be ting connected e n backmost . Parents demand ing to connected e nstall bulky child safe ty oversea ts will acknowledge connected e t excessively .

Winner: Niro


The Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid connected e s a fact ful lid and sensible premier . I t spell es arsenic tir connected e ts autobus connected e ness pinch a minimum of fuss and connected e nterest ls built to past . Yet the Niro connected e s beryllium tter matter scheme , advertisement ded rear limb room and a complete much ahead scale connected e nterior. I t’s sensible pinch a place of pizzazz.


This narrative was provision d to The Associated Press by the auto motive website Edmunds. Nick Kurczewski connected e s a contributor astatine Edmunds.