Eating soy products linked to lower cancer risk, study finds

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In a caller reappraisal published successful Nutrients, researchers talk imaginable associations betwixt nan depletion of soy products and nan consequence of processing cancer.

 naito29 / Shutterstock.comStudy: Soy merchandise depletion and nan consequence of cancer: a systematic reappraisal and meta-analysis of observational studies. Image Credit: naito29 /


Cancer rates proceed to emergence globally, pinch breast, lung, colorectal, prostate, and tummy cancers starring successful position of some caller cases and deaths. Researchers person observed variations successful crab prevalence betwixt Asia and nan West, which whitethorn beryllium attributed to different dietary habits, peculiarly soy merchandise consumption.

Soy products, which are abundant successful Asia, are rich | successful compounds for illustration isoflavones, phytosterols, and dietary fiber, each of which whitethorn mitigate crab risk. However, investigation suggests these effects alteration pinch soy products and crab types.

About nan study

The existent study aimed to systematically reappraisal nan narration betwixt various soy products and nan consequence of crab done a elaborate dose-response meta-analysis. To this end, 52 studies were included successful nan review, 35 and 17 of which were case-control and cohort studies, which led to a last full of 44,932 cases and 861,372 participants.

Over 80% of nan reviewed studies were conducted successful Asia, peculiarly Japan, China, Korea, and Singapore. Comparatively, 15% of studies were conducted successful nan United States, and 2 were performed successful Europe.

Quality appraisal revealed case-control studies averaging a people of 6.7, while cohort studies had an mean people of 7.2, frankincense indicating precocious quality. Adjustments for property were universal, pinch astir studies besides considering acquisition level, smoking, drinking, power intake, and assemblage wide scale (BMI) values.

Consumption of each soy products

A sample of 28 studies pinch 24,090 cases and 553,282 participants was utilized to measure nan relation betwixt nan full depletion of soy products and nan consequence of cancer. High soy merchandise intake correlated pinch a 31% reduced consequence of cancer, peculiarly successful nan subsample of case-control studies, pinch a 24% consequence simplification successful women but not men.

Notable consequence reductions were observed successful gynecological cancers, including ovarian cancers, arsenic good arsenic cancers affecting nan gastrointestinal and precocious aerodigestive tract, prostate, and lungs. Geographic variations were evident, pinch little crab risks associated pinch soy depletion successful Korea, Singapore, Europe, and China.

The dose-response study indicated non-linear relationships, pinch accrued soy depletion associated pinch a reduced crab risk.

Tofu consumption

A sample of 7 cohort and 19 case-control studies, which comprised 18,729 cases and 312,770 participants, explored nan effect of tofu depletion connected crab risk. To this end, precocious tofu intake importantly reduced crab consequence by 22%, pinch accordant effects observed successful some males and females.

This simplification was much pronounced successful nan subsample of case-control studies. Consumption of tofu correlated pinch little risks of gynecological and gastrointestinal cancers, peculiarly those affecting nan stomach, breast, ovaries, and endometrium.

However, nary important effects were observed for cancers of nan liver, prostate, and lungs, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, aliases precocious aerodigestive tract cancers. Geographic differences were evident, pinch important inverse associations successful Korea, China, and nan U.S., but not successful Japan aliases Europe.

Moreover, nan dose-response study revealed a non-linear relationship, pinch accrued tofu depletion associated pinch a reduced crab risk, peculiarly pinch regular increments of 100 grams aliases more.

Soymilk consumption

A sample of 11 studies comprising 177,626 participants and 8,269 cases analyzed nan narration betwixt soymilk depletion and crab risk. Overall, precocious soymilk intake was associated pinch a 25% reduced consequence of cancer, peculiarly successful nan case-control studies.

Significant inverse associations were identified for gastrointestinal, precocious aerodigestive, and ovarian cancers. However, nary important effects were observed for breast, endometrial, lung, aliases liver cancers.

The effect of soymilk depletion varied geographically, pinch inverse associations observed successful China and Korea but not successful Singapore, Europe, aliases nan U.S. Conversely, a affirmative relationship was observed successful Japan.

The dose-response study revealed a non-linear relationship: accrued soymilk depletion is associated pinch reduced crab risk, peculiarly for those who devour 30 grams aliases much of soymilk daily.

Other soy products

A meta-analysis was besides performed connected studies that investigated various soy products, including miso soup, non-fermented and fermented products, soy paste, and natto. While nary important associations pinch reduced full crab consequence were observed overall, subgroup analyses revealed nuanced findings.

The subsample of case-control studies suggested that precocious natto depletion mightiness trim full crab risk. Subgroup analyses by crab type indicated imaginable consequence simplification for gastric crab pinch non-fermented products, whereas a perchance reduced risk of bosom cancer was associated pinch soy paste.

However, accrued intake of fermented products successful China was associated pinch a greater crab risk. No important differences successful crab consequence betwixt genders were found. The dose-response study suggested a linear narration betwixt soy merchandise depletion and crab risk; however, nary important associations were reported.


Higher depletion of full soy foods, tofu, and soymilk was associated pinch a reduced consequence of cancer, peculiarly gastrointestinal and gynecological cancers. However, grounds regarding different soy products is insufficient, frankincense necessitating nan request for further well-designed prospective cohort studies.

Journal reference:

  • Wang, C., Ding, K., Xie, X., et al. (2024). Soy merchandise depletion and nan consequence of cancer: a systematic reappraisal and meta-analysis of observational studies. Nutrients. doi:10.3390/nu16070986