Discovery could help reduce global shortage of diabetes and weight loss drug semaglutide

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Semaglutide is portion of nan glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor targeting family of peptide drugs, which are chiefly utilized to dainty glucosuria but are difficult and costly to make.

An world squad of researchers led by Professor Akhter Hossain astatine nan Florey has developed a caller faster and cheaper method to synthesise GLP-1 receptor targeting drugs.

Florey Professor Akhter Hossain, Head of The Florey's Insulin Peptide Laboratory, said nan find published coming arsenic nan screen article of nan Journal of Medicinal Chemistry could mean cost-effective and high-scale accumulation successful nan future.

"Semaglutide has proven to beryllium much businesslike than different anti-obesity drugs, successful position of weight nonaccomplishment and safety, and this has led to it being successful short supply."

"We group retired to create an improved and cost-efficient synthetic process for making a imaginable caller supplier to target nan GLP-1 receptor. Semaglutide has a very 'hydrophobic' constituent successful its structure, meaning it's not easy dissolved successful h2o and frankincense challenging to manufacture."

The squad utilized a chemic process called 'glycosylation', which differs to nan 'lipidation' process utilized to make semaglutide, to make an analogue of GLP-1 that is 'hydrophilic' and overmuch much easy dissolved.

"Glycosylation resulted successful ten-fold higher yields compared pinch semaglutide," Professor Hossain said.

Postdoctoral interrogator successful Professor Hossain's laboratory, Dr Chaitra Chandrashekar, said it was breathtaking to beryllium progressive successful investigation that could lead to use millions of group successful nan future.

"Our short-term experiments successful animal models showed our imaginable supplier performed arsenic semaglutide would. It importantly lowered humor glucose levels and promoted enhanced glucose disposal," Dr Chandrashekar said.

"The method we've developed has less chemic steps and amended output than nan existent process for making semaglutide. Although much investigation is needed, it appears to beryllium a measurement to quickly and easy synthesize caller narcotics for illustration semaglutide, while retaining their awesome therapeutic benefits for humor glucose control," she said.