Deskripsi Produk

Jual Elektronik MurahDigital Multitester Dekko 86D ( layar jumbo 5.5cm x 3cm )

-Digital Mutimeter Voltage Amp Current Resistance Meter

-This meter is Polarity & overload protected.

-3 1/2" LCD display.

-Red and Black test leads are included.

-Seven functions nineteen ranges to cover

-Ideal tool for checking Electronic Products

Operation instruction:-

1) when testing DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current resistance, diode, buzzer and battery, connect the red test lead to "vo, mA" jack and black test lead to "COM" jack.

2) when testing the current more than 200m A, connect the red test lead to "10ADC" jack and black test lead to "COM" jack.

3) when testing the magnifying ratio of the transistor, tum the switch to hFE position and connect the transistor to the eight-hole jack.

4) square wave output: the frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is approx 3Vp-p The output jack is "V,0, mA" and "COM

Scales are:-

-DC voltage 200mV to 1kV,

-AC voltage 200V-750V,

-DC current 200 microamp-10 Amp,

-Resistance 200-2meg Ohm and Transistor & diode test.

-AC and DC voltage


-DC amps

-battery and diode testing


– Mulitester dekko 86D

– kabel multitester

– Manual
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