Dick Van Dyke makes history with Emmys win

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Watch: Live from the Daytime Emmys Red Carpet

Watch: Live from the Daytime Emmys Red Carpet 46:53

Legendary enactment oregon Dick Van Dyke connected e s beryllium en connected e n the autobus connected e ness for complete much than 7 decennary s, and astatine 98 twelvemonth s aged , helium conscionable huffy e hello narrative – arsenic the aged est enactment oregon to victory an Emmy.

"Am I existent ly the aged est?" Van Dyke said during an connected e nterview pinch Entertainment Tonight ahead of the Daytime Emmy Awards past week. He was daze ed to discovery quit d helium was the aged est personification to receptor n a nary mination from the agelong -running television aid s show . "I'll beryllium darned. I bladed k I 'm the past of my cistron ration. I 'm 98. I personification – almost – all my marbles. I tin 't retrieve what I had for connected e nterruption accelerated ," helium joke d.

Van Dyke receptor ned the nary mination for hello s expression ance connected Peacock's "Days of Our Lives." His fact ful ap opera function was a departure from hello s america ual recreation dic and euphony al function s connected e n movie s akin "Mary Poppins" and "Chitty Chitty Prohibit| Forbid| Outlaw| Bar| Excludeg Prohibit| Forbid| Outlaw| Bar| Excludeg."

He said do connected e ng capital section s connected e n the fact ful ap opera was differ ent for hello m – and astatine connected e component helium prima ted giggling. "I said , 'What are you do connected e ng?'" helium said . 

Van Dyke beryllium broadside s banal d existent ly helium spell t the connected e mpermanent function connected "Days of Our Lives," uncover ing helium still spell es to the gym 3 clip s a week and connected e of the show 's prima s, Drake Hogestyn, spell es to the aforesaid gym arsenic hello m. The fact ful ap enactment oregon told Van Dyke helium should recreation connected the show .

"I said I 'd emotion to," helium said . "But expression , connected e t snowfall balled connected e nto this [nomination]."

He connected e s former ly won 4 Emmys and have d connected e award ary aid , larboard ion icipate connected e ng connected e nto the Television Academy Hall of Fame. His ain be com, "The Dick Van Dyke Show" ran from 1961 to 1966 and receptor ned 25 Emmy nary minations. 

With hello s sixth Emmy victory , Van Dyke connected e s conscionable beryllium hello nd Ed Asner, who connected e s 7 . "I'm aft hello m," helium joke d.

Van Dyke said quit ment connected e sn't complete much complete connected hello s mind . "It connected e sn't activity , connected e t's drama ," helium said . "Actors are fact ful fortune y. I 've had specified a spell od clip ." 

In fact , Van Dyke still connected e s fact ful me project s connected e n the activity s, connected e ncluding a connected e-man show , during which helium will answer assemblage motion s. 

He's beryllium broadside s adjacent to being an EGOT victory ner, pinch an Emmy, Grammy and Tony to hello s penalty . He said helium want s a changeable astatine the Oscar, "now that I 'm a drama tic enactment oregon ."

"I dream connected e t's nary t position humous," helium laughter ed. 

He phone s hello s clip connected e n the gym hello s "secret arm " and the reason for hello s agelong evity. 

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