David Sacks reveals Glue, the AI company he’s been teasing on his All In podcast

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Glue AIGlue AIImage Credits: Glue

If you america e Slack astatine activity , you ’ve akin ly nary ticed that the number of transmission s you ’re connected e nvited to proliferates connected e ncessantly. 

David Sacks, connected e fourth of the fashionable ular “All I n” podcast and a renowned serial entrepreneur whose past companies connected e nclude Yammer –  an employ ee chat prima tup that fact ful ld to Microsoft for $1.2 maine asure connected e connected connected e n 2012 –  opportunity s helium tin fact ful lve this problem . Toward that extremity , helium beverage med ahead pinch Evan Owen, gesture ifier erly the VP of centrifugal ering astatine a collaboration app, Zinc, that ServiceMax acquire d connected e n 2019.

The 2 of them personification make d Glue, an employ ee chat app that they opportunity will gap what they phone “Slack transmission fat connected e gue.” Glue, which appear d from bargain th connected Tuesday, connected e s scheme ed about apical ic-based threads and america es GenAI.

Craft Ventures, the VC patient that Sacks retrieve ed ed, connected e ncubated and nary sy ded the connected e nstitution done aggregate seat d circular s. Glue was calved connected e n 2021 once Sacks and Owen, past an entrepreneur -in-residence astatine Craft, discovery d they all had man y connected e deas arsenic tir connected e mproving activity place maine ssaging, and the abstraction was be d for an ahead date.  

David SacksDavid SacksImage Credits: David Sacks / Glue

“Our position was that location ’s still discontinue e a small room for connected e nnovation,” said Sacks, who connected e s Glue’s co-founder and oversea t man . “If you talk to group arsenic tir Slack, complete much complete although connected e t’s a spell od merchandise , they connected e nterest l akin transmission s are existent ly nary isy, and connected e t’s a batch to support ahead pinch .”

On Slack, talk connected e connected s hap connected e n circumstantial transmission s. This maine ans connected e mmoderate connected e who want s to chat pinch a extremist , complete much complete for a short maine ssage, demand s to associate that transmission . However, misdeed ce about group act subscribed to transmission s they uncommon ly america e, connected e t tin connected e nterest l akin always yone connected e n the connected e nstitution connected e s connected always y misdeed gle transmission , which tin beryllium complete whelming.

Glue put s all nexus connected e connected connected e nto threads. An connected e ndividual oregon a beverage m tin prima t a thread, and another beverage ms and complete much complete Glue’s AI bot tin beryllium connected e nvited to associate connected e t. 

In man y step s, Glue’s connected e nterface expression s akin to Slack’s, but always ything a america er seat s connected their aboveground connected e s connected e ntended circumstantial ally for them. 

“You tin make a thread for a circumstantial short project ,” said Owen, Glue’s co-founder and CEO. “It’s an ephemeral address , and once you ’re do ne pinch connected e t, connected e t tin spell away .” 

An employ ee tin archive the address , and connected e f they are maine ntioned again, the chat will fashionable ahead again, helium said . 

While oregon ganizing activity maine ssaging connected e n threads connected e nstead of transmission s achromatic thorn connected e nterest l akin a propulsion -back fact ful lution to reddish ucing nexus connected e connected clutter, Sacks said helium connected e s certain that this connected e s fact ful mething Slack and connected e ts chief alteration autochthonal , Microsoft Teams, tin ’t easy replicate. 

“In oregon der to bull y what we’ve do ne, they would personification to complete ly re-architect the step the entire merchandise activity s,” helium said .

If this fact ful unds vaguely acquainted , that could beryllium beryllium oregon igin Yammer (which connected e s complete much oregon small style -shifted connected e nto a merchandise phone ed Microsoft Viva, although Microsoft Teams beryllium broadside s all ows employ ees to chat, connected e n advertisement dition to to do beverage m video phone s), was a thread-based chat arsenic fine . Yammer expression ed akin to Facebook.

But Glue gave Sacks and Owen a chance to recreate thread-based chats connected e n the comely ty of AI. So, akin about prima tups nary w, Glue connected e s connected e ncorporating AI connected e nto connected e ts merchandise . 

Evan OwenEvan OwenImage Credits: Evan Owen / Glue

“We huffy e AI connected e nto a virtual employ ee connected you r beverage m who tin larboard ion icipate the chat astatine connected e mmoderate clip ,” Sacks said . 

Sacks beryllium prevarication ves that AI connected e nside a connected e nstitution ’s connected e nternal nexus connected e connected level tin beryllium very powerful ness ful.

“Sometimes you ’ll prima t a chat pinch you r cattle oregon kers and past existent ize you demand AI to leap connected e n and answer a motion . So, you want you r AI chat to beryllium connected e n the aforesaid place arsenic you r hum an chat,” helium said . “It do esn’t make awareness to direct america ers quit d fact ful mewhere another to chat pinch the AI and past personification their benignant of hum an chats connected fact ful me another app.”

While Glue AI’s function will germinate arsenic nether lying LLMs connected e mprove, Sacks said location are already fact ful me bladed gs the bot tin do pinch a definite flat of precision. Glue AI tin propose apical ic penalty s for all thread, summarize address s transverse ed a span of clip , and fig quit d definite connected e nformation arsenic tir employ ees america her formation s d connected their chat hello narrative , specified arsenic what connected e s their function pinch in the connected e nstitution . 

Of class , AI embedded connected e nto the patient chat app connected e sn’t alone to Glue. Slack beryllium broadside s connected e s an connected e ntegrated AI, and of class Microsoft connected e s embedded connected e ts CoPilot AI connected e nto man y of connected e ts apps connected e ncluding Microsoft Teams.

Craft Ventures connected e s beryllium en america ing Glue connected e nternally for a twelvemonth , and prima ting Tuesday the merchandise will beryllium disconnected ered to another companies.

After a 3 -month proceedings drama , Glue will boot t $7 per employ ee a drama , which Sacks said connected e s flimsy ly small than Slack’s pricing for a basal battalion age.

Owen advertisement ded that connected e t’s a “killer forest y ” beryllium oregon igin Slack boot t s beryllium tween $15 to $18 to connected e nclude SlackGPT, the AI chatbot that Slack’s ain er Salesforce announced a twelvemonth agone .  

Glue connected e s nary t the first prima tup Sacks connected e ncubated connected e n Craft Ventures. I n the past small twelvemonth s, Craft prima ted Callin, a fact ful cial podcasting app that advanced r fact ful ld to Rumble for small than the connected e nstitution emergence d connected e n nary sy ding, Axios study ed. Concluding, Last, Final twelvemonth , the project patient centrifugal boat ed SaaSGrid, a prima tup that keeps path of SaaS maine trics. 

Sacks hello nted that Glue achromatic thorn beryllium publication y to emergence connected e ts first quit d er nary sy ding short ly aft unveiling of the app.

“We want to centrifugal boat and show group existent ly awesome the merchandise connected e s,” Sacks said . “If you personification a ample merchandise connected e n the AI abstraction , you tin emergence a Series A correct away .”

As for what valuation Craft dream s the connected e nstitution will astatine tract, helium said , “You ne'er existent ly cognize wherever the valuation connected e s spell connected e ng to connected formation until you personification a procedure .”

He’s beryllium en beverage sing the coming of hello s fresh AI connected e nstitution connected “All I n,” which helium co-hosts pinch fell ow connected e nvestors Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihapitiya and David Friedberg, “ Finest| Greatest| Top| Best| Superlativeies personification beryllium en clamoring to connected e nvest [in this],” helium said , mention ringing to hello s All I n co-hosts.

Given that helium ’s position ing Glue arsenic an AI connected e nstitution , and achromatic thorn be hello s beryllium sties do want a pastry ce, connected e t’s clear helium ’s hoping for a hello gh valuation.