Databricks’ GPT rival and who’s investing in “underdog” founders

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Hello, and invited to Equity, a podcast astir nan business of startups, wherever we unpack nan numbers and nuance down nan headlines. This is our Friday episode, successful which we excavation done nan astir captious stories and themes from nan week.

As nan week comes to a close, we’re besides shutting nan book connected nan proceedings of erstwhile FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, nan erstwhile crypto baron who is heading to situation for 25 years. But while nan SBF news was a large deal, location was truthful very overmuch much to screen connected today’s news roundup section of Equity.

With Kirsten Korosec, Mary Ann Azevedo, and Alex Wilhelm aboard this week, nan unit dug into Robinhood’s caller in installments card and what it tin show america astir nan strategy of awesome tech companies, Fisker’s latest woes, and moreover Databricks’ caller AI model that it spent $10 cardinal to rotation up.

But that wasn’t enough. We besides dug into 2 companies building startups focused astir kids. One wants to help tots study really to nutrient music, while nan different is working to trim waste and thief parents attraction for their kids connected a budget. Then, to wrap up, a look astatine just who unicorn founders really are, and a new $100 cardinal money that to backmost ambiance tech.

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