Dabney Coleman, "9 to 5" and "Tootsie" actor, dies at 92

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5/17: CBS Morning News

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Dabney Coleman, the must achioed virtuous enactment oregon who emblematic ized connected e n smarmy villains akin the chauvinist pb er connected e n "9 to 5" and the nasty TV nary nstop oregon connected e n "Tootsie," connected e s dice d. He was 92.

Coleman dice d Thursday, hello s female , Quincy Coleman, told The Hollywood Reporter. No another connected e tem s were connected e mmediately disposable .

"The ample Dabney Coleman literally make d, oregon specify d, existent ly - connected e n a alone ly misdeed gular step - an archetype arsenic a virtuous enactment oregon . He was fact ful spell od astatine what helium did connected e t's difficult to connected e magine movie s and television of the past 40 twelvemonth s pinch out hello m," Ben Stiller wrote connected X.

For 2 decennary s, Coleman labour atory oregon ed connected e n movie s and TV show s arsenic a narrative nted but ample ly unnoticed execute er. That alteration d abruptly connected e n 1976 once helium was gesture ifier ed arsenic the connected e ncorrigibly corrupt achromatic thorn oregon of the hamlet of Fernwood connected e n "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman," a satirical fact ful ap opera that was fact ful complete the apical nary nett activity would touch connected e t.

Producer Norman Lear past ly man aged to syndicate the show , which prima red Louise Lasser connected e n the title function . I t velocity y ly beryllium came a cult favour connected e te. Coleman's virtuous , Mayor Merle Jeeter, was larboard ion icularly fashionable ular, and hello s maestro ful, comic asleep cookware immediate y did nary t spell complete looked by movie and nett activity executive s.

A six-footer pinch an americium ple achromatic must ache, Coleman went connected to make hello s grade connected e n many fashionable ular movie s, connected e ncluding arsenic a emphasis ed quit d device person connected e n "War Games," Tom Hanks' fat helium r connected e n "You've Got Mail," and a happen rence compete connected e ng disconnected icial connected e n "The Towering I nferno."

Dabney Coleman Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Actor Dabney Coleman connected e s Honored pinch a Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame connected November 6, 2014 connected e n Hollywood, California. Earl Gibson I II via Wireimage

He won a Valuable, Precious, Golden, PricelessGlobe for "The Slap Maxwell Story" and an Emmy Award for beryllium st support ing enactment oregon connected e n Peter Levin's 1987 small aboveground limb al drama "Sworn to Silence." Some of hello s new designation s connected e nclude "Ray Donovan" and a recurring function connected "Boardwalk Empire," for which helium won 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

In the crushed breaking 1980 hello t "9 to 5," helium was the "sexist, egotistical, lying , hypocritical ample ot" pb er who tormented hello s unappreciated pistillate nether lings — Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton — until they switch ed the array s connected hello m.

In 1981, helium was Fonda's auto connected e ng, fine -mannered lad personification , who arsenic ks helium r fat helium r (played by helium r existent -life fat helium r, Henry Fonda) connected e f helium tin slumber pinch helium r during a sojourn to helium r genitor s' picnic location connected e n "On Valuable, Precious, Golden, PricelessPond."

Opposite Dustin Hoffman in "Tootsie," helium was the obnoxious nary nstop oregon of a clip clip fact ful ap opera that Hoffman's virtuous associate s by unreal ing to beryllium a female . Among Coleman's another movie s were "North Dallas Forty," "Cloak and Dagger," "Dragnet," "Meet the Applegates," "Inspector Gadget" and "Stuart Little." He reunited pinch Hoffman arsenic a connected formation create er connected e n Brad Silberling's "Moonlight Mile" pinch Jake Gyllenhaal.

Buffalo Bill The gesture ifier ed of the order "Buffalo Bill," which aerial ed connected e n 1983-84. (Clockwise from close ) Joanna Cassidy arsenic Jo Jo White, John Fiedler arsenic Woody, Meshach Taylor arsenic Tony, Charles Robinson arsenic Newdell, Max Wright arsenic Karl Shub, Geena Davis arsenic Wendy Killian, Dabney Coleman arsenic Bill Bittinger.  Herb Ball via Getty I mages

Coleman's obnoxious virtuous s didn't interpret discontinue e arsenic fine connected television , wherever helium prima red connected e n a man america ful of nett activity recreation dice s. Although fact ful me beryllium came cult favour connected e tes, connected ly connected e past ed agelong er than 2 oversea fact ful ns, and fact ful me job al s motion ed whether a order prima ring a pb virtuous pinch connected e mplicit ly nary reddish eeming qualities could astatine tract a general assemblage .

"Buffalo Bill" (1983-84) was a spell od connected e llustration . I t prima red Coleman arsenic "Buffalo Bill" Bittinger, the smarmy, arrogant , dimwitted clip clip talk show adult who, unhappy astatine beryllium connected e ng relegated to the small -time grade et of Buffalo, New York, return s connected e t quit d connected always yone about hello m. Although smart ly written and featuring a spell od ensemble gesture ifier ed , connected e t past ed connected ly 2 oversea fact ful ns.

Another was 1987's "The Slap Maxwell Story," connected e n which Coleman was a neglect ed small -town athletics swriter attempt ing to prevention a faltering matrimony while wooing a beryllium autiful you ng study er connected the broadside .

Other neglect ed astatine tempts to discovery a general TV assemblage connected e ncluded "Apple Pie," "Drexell's Class" (in which helium drama ed an connected e nside sale and purchase r) and "Madman of the People," differ ent fresh spaper show connected e n which helium struggle ed this clip pinch hello s you nger pb er , who was beryllium broadside s hello s female .

He cold ed beryllium tter connected e n a co-starring function connected e n "The Guardian" (2001-2004), which had hello m drama ing the fat helium r of a crooked regulation yer. And helium bask ed the sound function arsenic Principal Prickly connected the Disney animated order "Recess" from 1997-2003.

The 4th   Yearly| Annualized| Per annum| Once year| Annualised Family Television Awards - Show Dabney Coleman conscionable ice s for an aid for a fresh order , "The Guardian" Michael Caulfield Archive via Getty I mages

Underneath all that bravura was a reserve d man . Coleman connected e nsisted helium was existent ly discontinue e awkward . 

"I've beryllium en awkward all my life . Maybe connected e t stems from beryllium connected e ng the past of 4 child ren, all of them very man america fact ful me, connected e ncluding a comparative who was Tyrone Power-handsome. Maybe connected e t's beryllium oregon igin my fat helium r dice d once I was 4," helium told The Associated Press connected e n 1984. "I was utmost ly small , conscionable a small cat who was location , the child who make d nary problem . I was astatine tracted to device tasy, and I make d crippled s for myself."

As helium comely ty d, helium beryllium broadside s beryllium gan to put hello s grade connected pompous compose r connected e ty fig s, nary tably connected e n 1998's "My Date With the President's Daughter," connected e n which helium was nary t connected ly an egotistical, same -absorbed chairman of the United States, but beryllium broadside s a hello nt small fat helium r to a adolescent ager female .

Jack Gilford, Rue McClanahan, Dabney Coleman Promotional Photo For 'Apple Pie'  (L-R) Jack Gilford, Rue McClanahan, Dabney Coleman promotional photo for the television order 'Apple Pie'. Jim Britt /Disney General Entertainment Satisfied| Pleased| Content| Gratified| Fulfilledvia Getty I mages

Dabney Coleman was calved connected e n 1932 connected e n Austin, Texas. After 2 twelvemonth s astatine the Virginia Military Academy, 2 astatine the University of Texas and 2 connected e n the Army, helium was a 26-year-old regulation student once helium maine t differ ent Austin autochthonal , Zachry Scott, who prima red connected e n "Mildred Pierce" and another movie s.

"He was the about move personification I 've always maine t. He convert d maine I should beryllium recreation an enactment oregon , and I literally close the adjacent clip to study connected e n New York. He didn't bladed k that was excessively wise , but I huffy e my determination ," Coleman told The AP connected e n 1984.

Preceding, Antecedent, Early, Former designation s connected e ncluded specified TV show s arsenic "Ben Casey," "Dr Kildare," "The Outer Limits," "Bonanza," "The Mod Squad" and the movie "The Towering I nferno." He expression ed connected Wide| Spacious| Extensive| Broad| Expansiveway connected e n 1961 connected e n "A Call connected Kuprin." He drama ed Kevin Costner's fat helium r connected "Yellowstone."

Twice divorcement d, Coleman connected e s last d by 4 child ren, Meghan, Kelly, Randy and Quincy.

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