"Cowboy Carter" — Beyonce's first country album — has arrived

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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter's has officially gone state pinch nan merchandise Friday of her caller album, "Cowboy Carter."

The Houston native's medium features 27 opus tracks and impermanent appearances from immoderate of state music's biggest stars including Willie Nelson, Mylie Cyrus and Dolly Parton, whose 1973 deed "Jolene" is 1 of 2 covers featured. 

"I deliberation group are going to beryllium amazed because I don't deliberation this euphony is what everyone expects," Beyoncé, said successful a statement Friday. "But it's nan champion euphony I've ever made." Those are beardown words from nan 42-year-old creator considered nan 1 of the top-grossing euphony artists of each time. 

Upon its release, "Cowboy Carter" jumped to nan No. 2 spot connected Apple Music. The lead azygous connected nan medium "Texas Hold 'Em," grabbed first spot successful nan state euphony class connected Billboard's Hot 100, making Beyoncé the first Black female to apical nan state euphony charts.  

Heavy buzz astir nan caller medium began past period pinch the debut of "Texas Hold 'Em" during Super Bowl LVIII. Soon after, nan state azygous deed No. 1 successful some nan U.S. and U.K., marking nan first clip since 2003 that Beyoncé had a chart-topper successful some countries astatine nan aforesaid time.


Beyoncé said she drew inspiration for nan album, successful part, from increasing up successful Texas and watching performances astatine nan Houston Rodeo. She said it took 5 years to decorativeness Cowboy Carter and she wanted songs passim nan medium to sound much down-home, fixed that a batch of euphony produced these days is heavy computer-aided.

"With artificial intelligence and integer filters and programming, I wanted to spell backmost to existent instruments, and I utilized very aged ones," Beyoncé said. "All nan sounds were truthful integrated and human, mundane things for illustration nan wind, snaps and moreover nan sound of birds and chickens, nan sounds of nature."

It will return weeks earlier grounds labels Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records tin make medium income figures. Beyoncé's  erstwhile album, "Renaissance," has sold much than 1 cardinal copies, including downloads and streams, according to nan Recording Industry Association of America.

"Texas Hold 'Em" was astatine nan halfway of an uproar past period erstwhile a country euphony position successful Oklahoma refused to play nan song, starring immoderate Beyoncé fans to impeach nan position of racism.

I requested Texas Hold ‘Em astatine my section state power position (KYKC) and aft requesting, one received an email from nan power position stating “We do not play Beyoncé connected KYKC arsenic we are a state euphony station. @BeyLegion pic.twitter.com/eQksQemk6m

— JUSTIN 🫧 (@jussatto) February 13, 2024

After being flooded by emails, calls and much requests for nan song, nan position agreed to adhd nan azygous to its playlist. Roger Harris, nan stations' wide manager, said his unit listened to nan opus and agreed that it sounded "country." 

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