Costco offers members access to GLP-1 weight-loss drugs

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Some Costco members whitethorn soon person little of a hankering for nan retailer's popular $1.50 basking canine and soda meal. 

The storage nine and wellness attraction marketplace Sesame are now teaming to connection entree to a weight-loss programme that includes clinically approved entree to GLP-1 medicine narcotics including Ozempic, Sesame said. As of April 2, Costco members tin motion up for nan service, which runs $179 for 3 months. It includes consultations pinch a clinician and a medically due curen program, which tin see medications. 

"We are witnessing important innovations successful medically-supervised weight loss," David Goldhill, Sesame's co-founder and CEO, said Tuesday successful a news release. "Sesame's unsocial exemplary allows america not only to make high-quality specialty attraction for illustration weight nonaccomplishment overmuch much accessible and affordable, but besides to empower clinicians to create attraction plans that are circumstantial to — and due for — each individual patient." 

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Costco did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

The improvement comes astir six months aft Sesame announced a business pinch Costco offering members virtual superior attraction for $29 successful each 50 states. 

New York-based Sesame is geared to nan uninsured and those pinch precocious deductibles who request to salary cash. It does not judge wellness security to thief support a lid connected prices. 

The move by nan big-box retailer follows akin steps by rivals. Amazon provides distant entree to third-party wellness attraction providers and Walmart runs in-store aesculapian clinics.  

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Kate Gibson

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