Christina Applegate’s Health: Her Battle With MS & How She’s Feeling Now

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Christina Applegate

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Christina Applegate
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Christina Applegate is truthful beloved successful Hollywood, some by her peers and her fans. Sadly, nan Emmy Award victor has had to measurement distant from acting because of her battle pinch aggregate sclerosis. However, she presented astatine nan 2023 Primetime Emmys and cracked a fewer jokes successful emblematic Christina fashion, garnering countless laughs from nan audience. More recently, she opened up astir her symptoms pinch MS during a podcast question and reply successful March 2024.

Christina collapsed nan news astir her MS test to nan world successful 2021, but she still managed to movie nan last play of her deed Netflix show, Dead to Me. Since her diagnosis, Christina has made conscionable a fewer nationalist appearances, and she’s hinted that she’s not going to enactment anymore because of her condition. Not only that, but she’s besides spoken retired astir managing nan disease.

While battling specified a sadistic disease, Christina has showed truthful overmuch spot and bravery. The Married…with Children star has inspired truthful galore group who cherish nan character now much than ever. Here’s everything you request to cognize astir her wellness condition, really she’s doing today, and more.

Christina Applegate astatine nan 2023 Emmys Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Christina Applegate Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis.

Hi friends. A fewer months agone I was diagnosed pinch MS. It’s been a unusual journey. But I person been truthful supported by group that I cognize who besides person this condition. It’s been a reliable road. But arsenic we each know, nan roadworthy keeps going. Unless immoderate asshole blocks it.

— christina applegate (@1capplegate) August 10, 2021

Christina revealed that she has MS connected August 10, 2021. “A fewer months agone I was diagnosed pinch MS. It’s been a unusual journey,” Christina tweeted. “But I person been truthful supported by group that I cognize who besides person this condition. It’s been a reliable road. But arsenic we each know, nan roadworthy keeps going. Unless immoderate a**hole blocks it. As 1 of my friends pinch MS said, ‘We aftermath up and return nan indicated action.’ And that’s what I do. So now I inquire for privacy. As I spell done this thing. Thank you xo,” she added.

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is simply a illness of nan encephalon and spinal cord, wherever nan immune strategy attacks nan protective sheath that covers nervus fibers, according to nan Mayo Clinic. MS causes trouble successful walking, tingling, partial aliases complete nonaccomplishment of vision, fatigue, slurred speech, and cognitive problems. There is nary cure yet for MS. Treatments see medicines, instrumentality for illustration braces aliases canes, and rehabilitation activities, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Another personage who has MS is Christina’s The Sweetest Thing co-star Selma Blair. Selma, who has been battling MS since 2018, has been supporting Christina ever since nan second character learned she has nan autoimmune disease.

How Long Has Christina Been Sick?

Christina ApplegateChristina Applegate astatine nan 2020 SAG Awards (Photo: Shutterstock)

Christina’s test resulted successful a five-month accumulation region connected Dead to Me season 3. After nan news of Christina’s sickness broke, Netflix told The Hollywood Reporter they would beryllium respecting Christina’s wishes of privateness and that show would beryllium put connected hold. “We emotion and support Christina and respect her privateness arsenic she takes nan clip and abstraction she needs successful this moment,” nan streamer said.

Christina elaborated much connected her MS test for nan first clip successful an question and reply pinch The New York Times successful November 2022. The character revealed that she gained 40 pounds and can’t locomotion without a cane because of her condition. Christina besides admitted that she’s “never going to accept” that she has MS and said she’s “pissed” astir it.

Christina, who filmed astir of Dead to Me season 3 aft her diagnosis, confirmed successful nan NYT interview that location were subtle signs of MS specified arsenic equilibrium issues while she was filming nan first play of the show, but she brushed nan issues disconnected and thought thing of it. “I wish I had paid attention. But who was I to know?” she said.

How Is Christina Doing Today?

Christina ApplegateChristina Applegate gets her prima connected nan Walk of Fame connected November 14, 2022 (Photo: Shutterstock)

Christina uses a cane to locomotion astir because of her condition. She made her first nationalist appearance aft her test astatine her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonial connected November 14, 2022. Christina held backmost tears during her speech, wherever she thanked her daughter Sadie and moreover cracked a joke astir having MS. “Oh, by nan way, I person a disease. Did you not notice? I’m not moreover wearing shoes,” Christina said. Her Dead to Me co-star Linda Cardellini gave a reside dedicated to Christina astatine nan Walk of Fame ceremony.

Christina Applegate acknowledgment her girl for her support arsenic she receives a prima connected nan Hollywood Walk of Fame: "Thank you for opinionated beside maine for each of this. Oh, by nan way, I person a disease. Did you not notice? I'm not moreover wearing shoes!"

— Variety (@Variety) November 14, 2022

Christina appeared astatine her first grant show aft her test astatine nan Screen Actors Guild Awards connected February 26, 2023. She attended nan arena pinch her daughter and utilized a cane to locomotion down nan reddish carpet. Christina was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Actress successful a Comedy Series for her domiciled arsenic Jen Harding successful Dead to Me. It’s apt that nan 2023 SAGs were nan last grant show that Christina ever attended arsenic an actor. That’s because she’s hinted that Dead To Me was her last acting domiciled because of her condition.

“Right now, I couldn’t ideate getting up astatine 5 a.m. and spending 12 to 14 hours connected a set. I don’t person that successful maine astatine this moment,” she told Los Angeles Times successful February 2023. However, Christina said she wants to support moving successful Hollywood by producing, developing, and “doing a s*** ton of voiceovers to make immoderate rate to make judge that my daughter’s fed and we’re homed.”

In January 2024, Christina presented 2 awards astatine nan 2023 Primetime Emmy Awards, and she sewage a opinionated ovation nan infinitesimal she approached nan stage. Two months later, she opened up to PEOPLE astir really she lives pinch her condition. In nan candid interview, Christina revealed that she has to deterioration diapers.

“Well, you pee … successful your pants. Because you astir apt can’t get to nan bath successful time,” she said. “So, yeah, diapers.”

In March 2024, nan character shared details astir her symptoms while appearing connected Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. Most notably, she opened up astir having 30 lesions connected her brain, and she said that she felt symptom successful her correct oculus from it. Later, she said astir really battling nan information “sucks” amid nan symptoms. “I dislike it truthful much. I’m truthful huffy astir it. You can’t flooded it,” she said.