Christina Applegate Recalls Brain Lesions During MS Battle

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Christina Applegate
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Christina Applegate
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Christina Applegate opened up astir nan symptoms she’s knowledgeable passim her conflict pinch Multiple Sclerosis (MS) during a caller podcast question and reply connected Monday, March 25. The sitcom star, 52, was very forthcoming astir nan symptom that she experiences passim her conflict pinch MS, which she first went nationalist pinch nan test pinch successful 2021.

The Anchorman actress discussed nan information and her symptoms during an in-depth question and reply on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. Most notably, she revealed that she has galore lesions connected her brain, which leads to pain. “I person 30 lesions connected my brain,” she said. “My biggest 1 is down my correct eye, truthful my correct oculus hurts a lot.”


While nan oculus symptom has not affected her vision, Christina did explicate immoderate of nan different symptoms that person taken a toll connected her health. “My manus starts to spell weird and past I’ll get a seizure-y emotion sometimes successful my brain,” she said. She continued and said really overmuch battling MS “sucks” later successful nan interview. “I dislike it truthful much. I’m truthful huffy astir it. You can’t flooded it,” she said.

Christina first revealed that she was diagnosed pinch MS successful a tweet successful April 2021. “A fewer months agone I was diagnosed pinch MS. It’s been a unusual journey,” she said. ” I person been truthful supported by group that I cognize who besides person this condition. It’s been a reliable road. But arsenic we each know, nan roadworthy keeps going. Unless immoderate a**hole blocks it. As 1 of my friends pinch MS said, ‘We aftermath up and return nan indicated action.’ And that’s what I do. So now I inquire for privacy. As I spell done this thing. Thank you.”

The character now walks pinch nan thief of a cane. She did person a opinionated ovation erstwhile she made an quality astatine nan 2023 Primetime Emmy Awards to coming successful January 2024.  It was nan 2nd clip that she made an grant show quality since nan diagnosis, pinch nan first being nan SAG Awards successful February 2023.