ChowNow snaps up YC-backed POS platform Cuboh and is laying off staff

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ChowNow, nan online ordering level and trading work for section restaurants, acquired Cuboh, a Y Combinator-backed point-of-sale (POS) level that consolidates each orders from transportation apps into 1 place.

This marks ChowNow’s first acquisition, which will thief fortify its POS integration solution and thief restaurants tackle orders crossed aggregate services.

However, arsenic portion of nan acquisition, ChowNow laid disconnected astir 30 employees, bringing its full workforce to 300. Meanwhile, Cuboh’s full 30-person squad — including marketing, sales, merchandise and engineering — is transitioning to ChowNow.

“We unluckily did do a small spot of a layoff arsenic portion of nan restructuring to champion position us,” ChowNow co-founder and CEO Chris Webb told TechCrunch. This comes aft nan institution laid disconnected 100 people successful 2022.

The financial position of nan woody weren’t disclosed.

Launched successful 2012, ChowNow connects customers pinch section restaurants and helps businesses found an online beingness by providing civilization online ordering systems and marketing support. It besides offers a dispatch strategy that pairs restaurants pinch transportation drivers.

It doesn’t complaint immoderate committee fees for illustration its competitors, and it allows restaurants to support 100% of their profits. ChowNow considers complete 20,000 mini restaurants arsenic customers and has helped process much than 250 cardinal online orders. The institution says it’s saved restaurants $700 cardinal successful committee fees.

ChowNow is simply a profitable institution and has raised astir $80 cardinal to date, Webb said.

Cuboh is simply a notable summation to nan company. Previously,  ChowNow’s dashboard could only negociate a restaurant’s in-house menu. Now restaurants nary longer person to manually negociate each their menus, mitigating nan imaginable for errors and wide mayhem successful nan kitchen. Menus tin beryllium updated crossed each transportation apps to bespeak out-of-stock items and value increases, among different changes.

Starting adjacent week, edifice owners tin entree a recently launched bundle, “ChowNow + Cuboh,” for $275 per month. The bundle combines ChowNow Pro ($199), nan company’s flagship merchandise that handles each ordering, trading and operations, and Cuboh’s POS solution, which ranges from $100 to $200 a month.

And while ChowNow’s level already integrates into complete 30 POS systems — including Toast, Otter, MobileBytes, Positouch and much — Cuboh is delivering 14 further integrations to nan table, specified arsenic Clover, Lightspeed, Brink, Micros, Revel, Positouch, Square, Par, Dinerware, Aloha, and more.

In nan future, ChowNow wants to build much integrations, specified arsenic 1 for catering services.

“It’s getting backmost to nan longer-term merchandise imagination of what we’re building, of being nan only level restaurants request for their full takeout business,” Webb said.