China’s gambling hub of Macao holds its final horse race, ending a tradition of over 40 years

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MACAO (AP) — After much than 40 years, Macao’s equine racing track hosted its last races connected Saturday, bringing an extremity to nan athletics successful nan metropolis famous for its monolithic casinos.

In January, nan city’s authorities said it would terminate its statement pinch nan Macao Jockey Club successful April. The determination came astatine nan petition of nan Macao Horse Race Company, which cited operational challenges arsenic portion of nan reasons for nan closure.

On Saturday, gamblers congregated successful nan half-full stands and placed their last bets. Some visitors besides visited nan track.

Mai Wan-zun, a student from mainland China successful Macao, said she wanted to get a sensation of nan atmosphere. “We could travel to spot equine racing present successful Macao, but not successful mainland China,” she said.

Helena Chong, a Macao resident, decided to sojourn nan title people for nan first and past clip to spot what it’s each about.

“It’s a pity to spot nan extremity of each this gambling and entertainment,” she said.

Horse racing successful nan erstwhile Portuguese colony has struggled pinch economical challenges successful caller years and has yet to rebound from nan impacts of nan COVID-19 pandemic. Its jockey nine had accumulated operating losses of complete $311 million, nan Macau News Agency earlier reported.

Under nan termination arrangement, nan equine racing patient had pledged to put for proscription of owners’ horses to different locations by March 2025, and grip nan company’s labor according to nan law, nan authorities said.

In neighboring Hong Kong, horse-racing remains celebrated and profitable. Its jockey nine runs various gambling activities and is nan city’s awesome philanthropist of galore kindness works.