Century Health, now with $2M, taps AI to give pharma access to good patient data

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Artificial intelligence tin find hidden signals successful information crossed healthcare, and companies for illustration Nvidia are leaning into what this tin mean. For example, it announced 2 twelve caller AI-powered tools past week for areas including biotechnology and supplier discovery. And Nvidia is not alone.

Century Health is simply a caller startup besides getting successful connected nan action. It’s applying AI to objective information to uncover caller applications for drugs. It’s moving pinch pharmaceutical companies and researchers, initially astatine Yale and UC San Diego, to place and commercialize nan adjacent breakthrough for diseases, for illustration Alzheimer’s, that impact tens of millions of patients.

The ngo is simply a individual 1 for Century Health’s co-founder and CEO, Vish Srivastava. He watched his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s get to nan constituent wherever he didn’t admit Srivastava anymore.

“That sent maine down a rabbit hole,” said Srivastava, whose inheritance is successful healthcare merchandise improvement and data. “One of nan biggest issues astir invention for caller treatments is businesslike entree to bully diligent data. This is now only imaginable because of generative AI. That information sat astir for decades because it takes manual effort to normalize and extract penetration from it.”

That’s erstwhile he teamed up pinch friend Sanjay Hariharan, a information intelligence and applied AI engineer, to shape Century Health. They built a level to extract that hidden information and aggregate it. Researchers and pharma companies subscribe to nan level and tin past usage that information connected approved drugs; to grow to caller drugs; aliases to find insights to grow entree to narcotics that person already been approved.

The eventual extremity is accelerating entree to treatments, Srivastava said.

“Drug improvement is massively expensive, and connected average, takes $1 cardinal to $2 cardinal to create a caller drug,” he said. “From nan pharma company’s perspective, erstwhile their supplier is now approved, nan ngo is to get it to patients arsenic quickly arsenic possible. For us, that besides intends arsenic affordably arsenic imaginable pinch entree to bully real-world data.”

Now pinch $2 cardinal pre-seed funding, Century Health will tally 3 to 5 pilots complete nan adjacent respective months. The extremity is to validate nan first exertion that collects nan information and, astir importantly, to spot nan effect nan insights from those information sets tin bring, Srivastava said.

He sees these pilots arsenic creation partnerships and a measurement to get feedback connected nan benefits of drugs, for example, which diligent subpopulation mightiness beryllium underrepresented. In summation to nan validated technology, different milestone will beryllium to unafraid early gross from nan pilots, which Century Health tin leverage to spell aft different information of task capital.

The finance was led by 2048 Ventures pinch information from LifeX, Everywhere, Alumni Ventures and a group of angel investors, including Datavant laminitis Travis May and Evidation laminitis and CEO Christine Lemke.

Alex Iskold, managing partner of 2048 Ventures, said successful a statement, “At 2048 Ventures we person a beardown thesis astir real-time data, successful healthcare and beyond. Vish and Sanjay person a imagination to leverage AI and existent world diligent information to unlock a amended feedback loop and yet faster and much businesslike supplier improvement and commercialization.”