Cardiovascular risk can rise sharply after women go through menopause

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Study shows women quickly drawback up to men successful position of cardiovascular risk; underscores nan request for accrued consciousness and screening.

A woman's cardiovascular consequence tin emergence sharply aft she goes done menopause, quickly catching up to men of a akin property and wellness profile, according to caller findings presented astatine nan American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Session. Researchers said nan study underscores nan value of recognizing and addressing early informing signs of bosom illness consequence successful women arsenic they suffer nan protective effects of estrogen aft menopause.

This is simply a unsocial study cohort of only post-menopausal statin users that signals that post-menopausal women whitethorn person consequence of bosom illness that is connected par pinch males. Women are underscreened and undertreated, particularly post-menopausal women, who person a barrage of caller consequence factors that galore are not alert of. This study raises consciousness of what those consequence factors are and opens nan doorway to indicating nan value of accrued screening for coronary artery calcium (CAC)."

Ella Ishaaya, MD, soul medicine expert astatine Harbor-UCLA Medical Center successful Torrance, California, and study's lead author

In nan study, post-menopausal women underwent bosom scans to measure their CAC score, a measurement of plaque buildup—fat, calcium and different substances—in nan heart's arteries. CAC levels are assessed pinch a quick, non-invasive scan akin to an X-ray. A higher CAC people indicates a higher consequence of a bosom onslaught aliases different cardiac events.

Researchers analyzed information from 579 post-menopausal women who were taking statins to power their cholesterin and had undergone 2 CAC scans astatine slightest 1 twelvemonth apart. Participants did not person bosom illness astatine nan clip of nan first scan. To comparison CAC changes successful men and women, each female subordinate was matched pinch a antheral of a akin floor plan successful position of age, race, statin use, humor unit and glucosuria status.

Researchers divided nan participants into 3 groups pinch CAC levels of 1-99, 100-399, and 400 aliases higher astatine baseline. Between their first and 2nd bosom scan, women pinch baseline CAC of 1-99 saw their CAC emergence by a median of 8 points, double nan median of 4 seen successful their antheral counterparts. Similarly, women pinch baseline CAC of 100-399 saw their CAC emergence by a median of 31 points, astir double nan median of 16 seen successful males. There was nary important quality betwixt sexes for those pinch baseline CAC of 400 aliases higher.

The findings propose plaque buildup is accelerated successful post-menopausal women compared to men, indicating that galore women acquisition a steep emergence successful nan consequence of bosom problems. Ishaaya said this is apt related to nan driblet successful estrogen that women acquisition during menopause. Estrogen has agelong been known to person a protective effect connected bosom health, but researchers said galore women and moreover galore clinicians are not alert of what it intends to suffer that protection during menopause.

"After menopause, women person overmuch little estrogen and displacement to a much testosterone-heavy profile," Ishaaya said. "This affects nan measurement your assemblage stores fat, wherever it stores fat and nan measurement it processes fat; it moreover affects nan measurement your humor clots. And each of those [changes] summation your consequence for processing bosom disease."

Heart illness is nan starring origin of decease successful some men and women, but women's cardiovascular consequence has traditionally been undertreated because women thin to create bosom illness astatine an older property than men and whitethorn acquisition different and sometimes much subtle symptoms.

Based connected these results, researchers suggested post-menopausal women should talk to their expert astir bosom illness consequence factors and travel up connected immoderate recommended tests aliases monitoring. More women whitethorn use from bosom scans erstwhile compared to nan number of women presently receiving them, Ishaaya said.

Since each nan women successful nan study were taking statins but galore still saw a important emergence successful CAC, nan results whitethorn besides bespeak that statins are not capable to support plaque buildup successful cheque for this population, Ishaaya said. Future studies could analyse nan effectiveness of statins aliases different therapies successful reducing plaque load successful post-menopausal women, she said.

ACC/American Heart Association guidelines urge considering a bosom scan to measure CAC erstwhile a person's consequence level is ambiguous aliases borderline based connected modular consequence factors. In nan U.S. and galore different countries, CAC scoring is astir utilized to find recommendations for statins for intermediate-risk and asymptomatic patients.

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