Carbonfact is a carbon management platform designed specifically for the fashion industry

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French startup Carbonfact believes that nan champion c accounting solutions will attraction connected 1 vertical. That’s why nan institution has decided to supply a c guidance and reporting instrumentality for nan manner manufacture exclusively.

And Carbonfact precocious raised a $15 cardinal backing information led by Alven, nan French VC patient that led Carbonfact’s seed information successful 2022 already. Other investors successful nan information see Headline and a follow-on finance from Y Combinator.

Big companies successful nan manner manufacture (and different industries) request to travel up pinch a c accounting strategy arsenic regularisation is changing successful Europe and nan U.S. pinch nan EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), California’s Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act and nan NY Fashion Act.

That’s why location has been a roar successful c accounting platforms. The biggest ones for illustration Watershed, Persefoni, Sweep aliases Greenly person an industry-agnostic approach. They thief you way your c emissions and create reports successful a much aliases little automated way.

Just for illustration Carbon Maps focuses exclusively connected nan nutrient industry, Carbonfact is focusing connected nan manner manufacture truthful that its merchandise tin beryllium much granular and much specific.

“For these industries – nutrient is simply a very bully example, manner is simply a very bully illustration – you request to beryllium meticulous successful your calculations and you request industry-specific devices to exemplary virtual products and amended your merchandise offering successful nan future,” Carbonfact co-founder and CEO Marc Laurent told me.

Carbon information astatine a merchandise level

In much applicable details, Carbonfact retrieves your existing information from your ERP and different soul systems. It past calculates nan footprints for each merchandise utilizing a lifecycle appraisal motor that is specifically designed for clothing items.

“[Clients] besides person information successful what they telephone PLM [Product Lifecycle Management package ] — that’s nan package successful which they put each nan merchandise data. This is wherever you’ll find nan merchandise look sheets. And they sometimes person information successful traceability platforms, specified arsenic Retraced, Trustrace, Fairly Made successful France, etc. And finally, they sometimes person information successful Excel files,” Laurent said.

After centralizing and normalizing each information successful a azygous platform, arsenic nan manner manufacture relies connected a cascade of suppliers, Carbonfact wants to thief you cipher your scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions — scope 3 emissions successful peculiar encompass indirect emissions from third-party suppliers.

The startup first gives you a wide thought of your main emanation hotspots pinch an uncertainty range. It past helps you prioritize information postulation pinch your suppliers to refine your information and amended your c reporting.

After that, Carbonfact tin go your c footprint dashboard. You tin make wide reports and drill down astatine an SKU-based level to spot nan biology costs of each product. The level tin past beryllium utilized to tally what-if scenarios to spot if you should alteration a material, move to a caller state of manufacturing aliases alteration your carrier methods.

Image Credits: Carbonfact

While galore companies will attraction first connected CO2-equivalent metrics, Carbonfact tin besides beryllium utilized to way different metrics, specified arsenic h2o consumption, French eco-labels and different biology indicators — successful nan c accounting industry, they telephone these indicators nan Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules, aliases PEFCR for short.

And Carbonfact has already onboarded complete 150 apparel and footwear brands, including New Balance, Columbia, Carhartt and Allbirds. “We way 100% of their subsidiaries, 100% of their suppliers, 100% of their products,” Laurent said.

Each customer pays tens of thousands of dollars per twelvemonth to usage Carbonfact. With a small back-of-the-envelope calculation, if we see that a customer pays astir $20,000 per twelvemonth connected average, it intends that nan French startup already generates astatine slightest $3 cardinal successful yearly recurring revenue.

It’s clear that sustainability guidance package is simply a increasing conception successful nan world of endeavor software. But it’s besides a young sector. So it’s going to beryllium absorbing to spot if respective industry-specific platforms tin go ample companies aliases if location will beryllium immoderate consolidation down nan road.