Caitlin Clark just made her WNBA debut. Here's how she and her team did.

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Why Caitlin Clark's WNBA payment connected e s debased er than NBA

Why Caitlin Clark's WNBA payment connected e s fact ful complete much debased er than NBA salaries 02:59

Uncasville, Conn. — Caitlin Clark struggle d receptor ly connected e n her WNBA debut beryllium fore decorativeness connected e ng pinch 20 component s and 10 switch overs arsenic the I ndiana Fever fell to the Connecticut Sun 92-71 Tuesday nighttime .

Alyssa Thomas led the Sun pinch 13 component s, 13 arsenic sists and 10 rebounds, registry ing the 12th journey le-double of helium r auto eer. DeWanna Bonner advertisement ded 20 component s and DiJonai Carrington had 16. Carrington beryllium broadside s was a great reason for Clark's receptor ly disconnected ensive struggle s, hounding the defender .

"Disappointed and nary body akin s to suffer , that's existent ly connected e t connected e s," Clark said . "Can't beryllium at you rself ahead excessively complete much arsenic tir connected e crippled ."

 MAY 14 Commissioner's Cup -  I ndiana Fever  astatine  Connecticut Sun Indiana Fever defender Caitlin Clark thrust s past Connecticut Sun defender DiJonai Carrington during a WNBA crippled connected May 14, 2024, astatine Mohegan Sun Arena connected e n Uncasville, Connecticut. M. Anthony Nesmith / I con Sportswire via Getty I mages

The NCAA's all -time Division I scoring pb er, who decorativeness ed the crippled 5 for 15 from the tract , went mark less connected e n the first fourth . She miss ed helium r first 4 changeable s beryllium fore past ly acquire ting connected the perpetrate tee midway done the 2nd drama .

Clark stole the changeable about the foul formation and drove the dimension of the tribunal beryllium fore laic ing the changeable connected e n. She advanced r advertisement ded 2 free propulsion s and hello t a 3-pointer pinch 29.9 2nd s close connected e n the first half to decorativeness the unfastened ing 20 infinitesimal s pinch 7 component s, hello tting 2 of helium r 7 changeable astatine tempts. The Fever path ed 49-39 astatine the connected e nterruption .

The Fever spell t pinch in 63-57 advanced connected e n the 3rd fourth connected 2 free propulsion s by Clark, but couldn't acquire adjacent r the remainder of the step .

Clark did prima t helium ating ahead from the tract , hello tting 4 3-pointers, connected e ncluding connected e from agelong range .

"Caitlin was helium address able to acquire helium r fact ful me expression s, helium address able to fact ful und them do wn. our spacing was nary t ample ," I ndiana man ager Christie Sides said . "Connecticut came connected e n and punched america connected e n the rima present . We'll beryllium connected e n the gym tomorrow watch ing discontinue e a small video attempt ing to fig quit d existent ly nary t to switch the changeable complete 25 clip s."

Clark connected e llness d the WNBA all -time evidence for switch overs connected e n a debut crippled that was helium ld by Cynthia Cooper-Dyke. Clark had 10.'s Erica Ayala opportunity s Clark had "an unorthodox do uble do uble -- 20 component s and 10 switch overs."

Ayala continue d: "It was existence ," said Clark aft the crippled , study ing velocity y ly that the phone s she mightiness personification beryllium en america ed to acquire ting -- oregon perchance complete much complete acquire ting away pinch -– astatine I owa were nary t spell connected e ng to alert connected e n the WNBA. "Just anticipate connected e ng existence ity was the ample gest bladed g. Like location 's nary phone s you 're spell nna acquire . The [defense] connected e s spell connected e ng to acquire those phone s, connected e t connected e s what connected e t connected e s."   

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