Bumble’s “Opening Move” feature takes the pressure off women to come up with a new message every time

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As Bumble prepares for its app relaunch this summer, nan women-first making love level announced a bid of merchandise updates connected Tuesday, including a caller characteristic that lets women hole questions to nonstop to matches, further making love volition preferences and prompts, and more.

Allowing women to make nan first move has been Bumble’s modus operandi ever since it launched successful 2014. A decade later, nan institution wants to springiness them moreover much power acknowledgment to “Opening Move,” a caller characteristic that lets women prewrite an opening statement truthful they tin quickly nonstop a connection without having to travel up pinch caller things to opportunity for each match. (For non-binary and same-gender pairings, either personification tin create and respond to an Opening Move.)

Users tin either type a civilization connection aliases prime from Bumble’s pre-composed questions, specified arsenic “What do you for illustration astir my profile?” and “What book aliases movie changed nan measurement you think?” In summation to alleviating immoderate of that messaging anxiety, nan caller characteristic could beryllium a adjuvant measurement to nonstop a dealbreaker mobility that weeds retired unsuitable matches.

“We admit that it tin sometimes beryllium burdensome to commencement a chat each azygous time, truthful we wanted to perceive to our members successful that respect, thief them find much ways to make that first move consciousness a small easier,” Dara Alsulayman, a elder merchandise head astatine Bumble, told TechCrunch.

Alsulayman revealed that Bumble is readying to “add support for move Opening Moves,” meaning users tin create multiple, different types of Opening Moves alternatively of only being capable to nonstop 1 version.

Bumble experimented pinch nan Opening Move characteristic successful various markets, including New Zealand and Australia, caller CEO Lidiane Jones antecedently told Fortune. The institution notes successful Tuesday’s property merchandise that, during nan testing phase, nan characteristic led to higher reply rates and longer conversations.

Image Credits: Bumble

Bumble besides made updates to profiles, including expanding its “Intentions” badges (an precocious select action for premium members) to thief constrictive down nan making love search. For instance, nan making love app has added much circumstantial intentions different than looking for a “relationship,” “something casual,” aliases “marriage.” Starting today, users tin take betwixt “fun, casual dates,” “intimacy without commitment,” “life partner,” and “ethical non-monogamy.” Plus, there’s now nan action to show 2 intentions connected making love profiles.

Additionally, Bumble launched a caller Interests conception to showcase which 3 causes and communities a personification supports, specified arsenic feminism, environmentalism, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Bumble is continuing to thief daters show disconnected their personalities connected their profiles by rolling retired hundreds of caller prompts for users, arsenic good arsenic caller categories to thief users find prompts. For example, there’s now an “About Me” class that offers prompts for illustration “I’m known for,” “I’m a existent nerd about,” and “My humble brag is.” Other categories see prompts related to day nights and self-care.

As portion of nan update, Bumble now requires caller users to adhd 4 pictures to their profiles, erstwhile antecedently they only required two. Alsulayman said this is because users pinch much photos are much successful astatine uncovering connections. One communal title among dissatisfied members is that immoderate users haven’t added capable photos.

Image Credits: Bumble

With Bumble approaching its tenth anniversary, nan institution besides unveiled a caller logo and refreshed app creation connected Tuesday, featuring bold fonts and a much “modern” feel, Alsulayman said.

“[The caller design] feels a batch much successful statement pinch what our users person been asking for,” she added.

Dating app fatigue is becoming much prevalent successful our society, specifically among nan Gen Z generation, who are fed up pinch swiping culture. Bumble’s caller update indicates that nan making love app is trying to measurement up its crippled and entreaty to younger users. In nan 2nd 4th of 2024, nan institution plans to relaunch its app, introducing caller AI-powered features and different improvements, for illustration perchance allowing men to nonstop nan first message.