Brave is launching its AI assistant on iPhone and iPad

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Brave announced connected Wednesday that it’s bringing its AI assistant, called Leo, to iPhone and iPad users. The AI adjunct allows group to inquire questions, summarize pages, create contented and more. The iOS rollout follows nan motorboat of nan AI adjunct connected Android and desktop.

The iOS motorboat of Leo brings voice-to-text capability, which isn’t disposable successful nan Android type of nan AI assistant. With this feature, users tin opportunity things retired large and person it converted to text, getting free of nan request to type retired queries aliases questions. Brave says this further capacity makes it easier to interact pinch nan AI.

In summation to summarizing pages aliases videos, Leo tin reply questions astir contented it reads, make long-form written reports, construe aliases rewrite pages, create transcriptions of video aliases audio content, and constitute code. By giving entree to a built-in AI assistant, Brave is hoping users won’t move to ChatGPT aliases different akin services.

Leo includes entree to Mixtral 8x7B, Anthropic’s Claude Instant and Meta’s Llama 2 13B. Brave group Mixtral 8x7B arsenic nan default LLM for Leo, but users person nan action to prime different LLMs aliases upgrade to Leo Premium for higher complaint limits for $14.99 per month.

Brave isn’t nan only browser institution to motorboat an AI assistant; Opera launched an AI adjunct called Aria past year. The merchandise was built successful collaboration pinch OpenAI and has a chatbot-like interface that lets group inquire questions and person instant responses.

Brave Leo for iOS is now disposable to each iOS users who person updated to type 1.63. To entree Leo, unfastened nan browser, commencement typing successful nan reside barroom and past prime “Ask Leo.” Leo is an opt-in characteristic and tin beryllium abnormal via nan app’s settings.