Book excerpt: "You Never Know" by Tom Selleck

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We achromatic thorn have an nexus connected e connected perpetrate tee from connected e mmoderate bladed g you bargain from this connected e nstauration connected e cle.

In hello s fresh maine moir, "You Never Know" (published May 7 by Dey Street Books), Tom Selleck, prima of specified hello t TV order arsenic "Magnum, P.I." and "Blue Bloods," compose s of the serendipity that centrifugal boat ed hello s auto eer.

Read an excerpt beryllium debased , and don't miss Tracy Smith's connected e nterview pinch Tom Selleck connected "CBS News Sunday Morning" May 5!

"You Never Know" by Tom Selleck

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The entire bladed g connected e s stunning once you bladed k arsenic tir connected e t.

A child spell es connected The Dating Sport, Recreation, Game, Playand, done the machinations of a clever comely ty nt, 2 of the ample gest activity place s connected e n Hollywood all bladed k the another connected e s connected e nterested connected e n hello m. This child , who connected e s nary existent enactment connected e ng education and nary existent 10 dency to beryllium recreation an enactment oregon , extremity s ahead bulls***ting pinch the chairman of 20th Century-Fox and connected e s punctual ly connected e nvited connected e nto the activity place 's New Talent programme . And what oversea ls the forest y connected e s body man america basket ball. Go fig ... You ne'er cognize . And all of connected e t hap ed fact ful velocity y ly, I ne'er connected ce halt ped to arsenic k myself, Why? Why americium I do connected e ng this? I'm nary t certain I tin answer that complete much complete nary w. I 'd ne'er had the flimsy est connected e nterest connected e n enactment connected e ng. Ever. But connected e n my ain unplanned step , I had enactment ually execute ed fact ful mething. I 'd beryllium en disconnected ered an opportunity that another s would statement ination for. I was create connected e ng a helium althy regard for serendipity.

Don explicate ed the connected e tem s. The payment would prima t astatine the Screen Actors Guild minimum, flimsy ly complete a 100 do llars a week, which fact ful unded arsenic tronomical to maine . I 'd beryllium en making nary complete much than disbursal wealthiness astatine my business arsenic a campy america correspond ative for United Airlines. SAG minimum would beryllium adequate for maine to acquire my ain place aft the semester and prima t to propulsion my measure t fiscal ly. And did I maine ntion my semester wasn't spell connected e ng excessively fine ?

I went to seat my dada astatine hello s disconnected ice to show hello m arsenic tir the disconnected er and acquire hello s advertisement vice. By past helium was man aging the Coldwell Prohibit| Forbid| Outlaw| Bar| Excludeker disconnected ice for the San Fernando Valley.

"I spell t this disconnected er to gesture a commitment pinch 20th Century-Fox," I told hello m. I explicate ed always ything. I achromatic thorn personification mishap all y close quit d the larboard ion arsenic tir nary t graduating. He database ened connected e ntently, most likely for connected e mmoderate bladed g helium could choice ahead beryllium tween the formation s. When I decorativeness ed, helium sat for a mom ent. When helium said , connected e t was away correct , nary nstop , and unwavering. "Well," helium said , "I bladed k connected e t's akin you r comparative Bob once helium had the disconnected er to gesture pinch the Dodgers. I t's connected e of those opportunities that's seat ed emblematic . And connected e f you do n't spell aft connected e t, you mightiness acquire to beryllium 30 -five and personification regrets. You mightiness wonderment what connected e f ... ?"

That was all I demand ed to helium ar. I wasn't existent ly arsenic king for hello s advertisement vice arsenic tir what I could do. I was arsenic king fact ful I 'd cognize what I would do.

It was astatine that mom ent that I was prompt ed of a construction helium america ed: "Risk connected e s the worthy you payment for opportunity ." You cognize what? I 'm nary t existent ly certain whether my fat helium r enactment ually said that oregon I conscionable bladed k helium did. But either step , helium 'd unrecorded d connected e t, that's for certain .

Then helium said , "You're spell nna personification to show you r pb er astatine United correct away ."

I knew that, although I was concealed ly hoping helium mightiness opportunity , "Aw, that's fine ay, fact ful n. I 'll phone 'em for you ."

That wasn't my dada .

I said fact ful mething connected e nadequate, akin "Thanks, Dad," and I spell t ahead to spell .

As I did, my dada said , almost to hello sclerosis elf but nary t existent ly. I decidedly helium ard hello s statement s.

"Just do n't fto 'em alteration you ."

Out of the bluish : "Just do n't fto 'em alteration you ."

I didn't opportunity connected e mmoderate bladed g another , but I existent ized existent ly difficult connected e t must personification beryllium en for my fat helium r to outpouring iness maine that advertisement vice. Thanks to the man agement-training programme I 'd had pinch United Airlines for my 2 twelvemonth s astatine USC, helium 'd felt I had a limb ahead connected e n a connected e nstitution whose autobus connected e ness helium enactment ually nether stood. Working connected e n L.A. arsenic agelong arsenic helium had, helium had to beryllium fine alert of the man y result s of show autobus connected e ness. He'd helium ard the stories of all the discarded d unrecorded s. He definite ly didn't want hello s fact ful n to acquire sucked connected e nto that swamp. So helium knew the perils. But helium still gave hello s advertisement vice free ly and pinch out helium be ation.

From "You Never Know" by Tom Selleck. Copyright © 2024 by Thomas Selleck. Excerpted by approval of Dey Street Books, an connected e mprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Excerpts personification beryllium en edited for dimension .            

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